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Acoustics For Music(Modified 31 Dec 11)
Acoustics for Music Theory
Digital Audio Principles
Hearing Damage from MP3 Players
Earbuds hazardous to hearing
Music And Sound Waves
Music And The Human Ear
Physics of Music
Physics Of Music & Musical Instruments (Modified 14 Apr 08)
119 page pdf file
Physics of Music and Speech
Search The Web For Sounds
Sound Waves & Music(Modified 31 Dec 11)
physics classroom

Early & Classical Music

Ancient Greek Music
in real player or MIDI format; " all published fragments of Ancient Greek music which contain more than a few scattered notes"
Bach's Well Tempered Clavier
Complete Score
Ballads Project
30,000 12th - 16th century British broadside ballads; Bodleian library, University of Oxford
Baroque Music
definition, performance, music sampler, portrait gallery
Beethoven Sonata In C (Added 27 Nov 07)
pdf file for mandoline
Cantaria - Chivalry Music
"Bardic" folk songs from Ireland, Scotland & England; lyrics, mp3, links to notation
Classical Music MIDI Archives
Need to register as free member; can download 5 tunes per day
Dance Instruction Manuals (Added 26 Mar 07)
many published in 1800s
Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (Added 31 Oct 08)
register for free
Early Dance Videos
75 video clips; Renaissance, Baroque, Early/Mid/Late 19th Century, Ragtime; Dance Instruction Manuals; An American Ballroom Companion; hosted by American Library of Congress
Early Music FAQ
Early Music List Archives (Modified 14 Apr 08)
Evidence of Harmony In Ancient Music (Removed 17 Nov 08 - bad coding)
Free Scores
Classical music in pdf & MIDI formats; by instrument, or search by composer
J.S. Bach Homepage
list of complete works, recordings list, Bach websites links, list of MIDI links
Lester S Levy Sheet Music Collection
images of sheet music dating from 1780 to 1960
Medieval Mandolin (Modified 13 Apr 08)
Allen Alexander; music from his books
Playford's The English Dancing Master
Originally published 1650; 2 different editions; gif format
Mandolaman's Renaissance & Medieval Music (Modified 14 Apr 08)
Warner Icking Music Archive (Added 14 July 08)
pdf & midi files; arranged by composer

Ear Training

Accent Archive (Added 7 Dec 08)
Speech samples from around the world read the same English paragraph
Adaptive Pitch Test (Added 3 Mar 09)
Aural Comprehension Guide
Western Michigan University School of Music
Big Ears
choose interval & listen to sound samples
Ear Street
Musical Games of guessing chords & scales from MIDI samples
Ear Trainer
Music sample with multiple choice answer quiz; intervals, chords, scales
Ear Training (Modified 14 Apr 08)
ear training suggestions; downloadable ear training game
Ear Training for Guitarist
Ear Training Dictation Worksheets
Ear Training Shareware Software list
Functional Ear Trainer - free download
Ear Training Articles: eg - Ear Training - A Direct and Logical Path (Games To Play with your ear)
Interactive Ear Training Exercises
learn to identify notes
Jazz Handbook (Modified 31 Dec 11)
pdf file from Jamey Aebersold Jazz
Musical Listening Test
Listen to 30 pairs of tunes to tell if exactly the same or slightly different
Musical-Visual Intelligence Test (Added 3 Mar 09)
Music Software for Eartraining
software listings (updated 1999!)
Rhythm Comparison Test (Added 3 Mar 09)
Song References For Aural Training (Modified 14 Apr 08)
Test Your Hearing
"This site allows you to measure equal loudness contours--the frequency response of your own ears"
Tone Deaf Test (Added 3 Mar 09)
Test your musical memory skills

Musicians & Health

Alexander Technique & Musicians
Article list links
Alexander Technique For Musicians
Alexander Technique For Violinists (Added 4 Apr 08)
BodyMap.Org(Modified 31 Dec 11)
Articles about Musicians' health
Conquering Performance Anxiety (Modified 14 Apr 08)
Don't "Play" With Pain
Guitarist's Guide To Hand Care
Building and maintaining calluses; fingernail care; strengthening your hands; preventing wrist and hand injuries; warm-up exercises
Hand Anatomy & Exercises (Modified 23 Jan 10)
Common Hand Problems
Hand Care For Musicians (Added 19 Apr 07)
Hand Kinesiology
Julie Lyon Lieberman on Playing Healthy pt 1 (Added 27 Dec 2012)
Part 2, 3, 4
Medical Issues For Performers (Modified 14 Apr 08)
Musicians and Injuries
what you can do; books, tapes, website links, archived usenet discussions
Musicians & Musculoskeletal Injury (Modified 31 Dec 11)
77 page pdf file
Musician's Health
Musician's Injuries (Modified 30 Dec 11)
What can you do?
Oh, My Aching Back
Anatomy of sitting & musicians
Overuse Injuries (Modified 30 Dec 11)
"How String Players Can Recognize, Prevent, and Treat Them"; by Richard Norris, MD; excerpt from Strings Magazine, Nov/Dec 1989
Playing By Ear (Added 8 Oct 08)
Playing Without Injuries (Added 1 Apr 07)
Posture Pointers (Modified 30 Dec 11)
Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries For Musicians & Dancers (Modified 31 Dec 11)
135 page pdf file
Protect Your Ears (Added 19 Apr 07)
by Janet Horvath
PubMed - Music & Health Related Article Abstracts
Use Search; From National Library Of Medicine
Safe Gigging - Health & Safety For Musicians
Safety of performers & public; Risk Assessments; Outdoor events; Noise levels
Self Care For Musicians (Added 19 Apr 07)
articles by Linda Dessau, Self-Care Coach
Staying In Tune (Modified 31 Dec 11)
Preventative Health Care For Musicians; 4 page pdf file
Tendinitis Problems Of Musicians
Upper Limb Disorders In Musicians (Added 19 Apr 07)
What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body(Modified 31 Dec 11)


Arabic Maqam Modal Music (Added 17 Jan 08)
Balkan Countries Folk Dance Video Clips
Balkan Music Scores (Added 18 Mar 07)
pdf files
JC's International Folk Dance Music (Added 25 Apr 08)
Klezmer Scores (Added 25 Apr 08)
pdf files & MIDI
Log Driver's Waltz (Modified 30 Dec 11)
3 min animated Canadian National Film Board short film; song by Wade Hemsworth, sung by Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Swedish Dance Videos (Added 27 May 08)
Trad France
Tunes from France, Normandie & Bretagne; abc, gif, MIDI, & OGG file formats
TV Videos (Added 6 Jul 07)
"416 videos of traditional music from northern Europe"; select country by clicking on flags

Music Stuff

from Mark Simos; Rhythmic Signature, Matching Rhythmic Pulse, Finer Dynamics of Interaction, Creating the Floor, Mirroring, Echoing/Anticipating, Countering
All Music
categories: styles, timelines, themes, countries, instruments, moods; lots of listening samples; need free registration to access many parts
America Music Memory - Library Of Congress
31 different music collections
Anthology of American Folk Music (Added 26 Nov 08)
Band Name Generator
Refresh page for more randomly generated band names
Ben Franklin's Armonica (Modified 14 Apr 08)
"played by touching the edge of the spinning glass with dampened fingers"; play the virtual armonica; watch movie file; Glass Armonica Site
Big Bands Database Plus
Big Bands, Jazz & Swing history; American Popular Song
Brainy Music
browse by artist, album, song; lists albums, songs
Calendar of Music
Birthdays, deaths, notable events, recorded songs
Canadian Folk Artist Websites
Canadian Folk Music Bulletin
Athabasca University; archives 1966 - 2002
Canadian Journal For Traditional Music Archives
1973 - 2002
Competition Preparation
Planning & preparation for contests, & performing (based on dulcimer playing at Winfield)
Convert Guitar Tabs to Midi and Sheet Music - Instantly Online!
Crossing US/Canadian Border for musical gigs (Modified 14 Apr 08)
2002; see also American Federation of Musicians
Dirty Linen Gig Guide
North American tour schedules; by state & province
Dr. Bob's Nifty Little List of Music Web Sites
Dress Codes For Musicians (Added 29 Nov 07)
Flying With Musical Instruments (Modified 13 Apr 08)
United States Transportation Security Administration policy; TSA letter in pdf format
Folk Jam (Added 3 Jul 07)
acoustic jams listed by location; contributed by players
Guitar Noise Lessons (Modified 31 Dec 11)
lessons, forum
Guitar Principles
Home Recording(Modified 31 Dec 11)
faqs, tutorials, discussion forum
Instrument Building Zone (Added 13 May 07)
from unusual materials
Instrument Jokes (Added 10 Jun 07)
Invented Instruments (Added 13 Mar 07)
How To Get To Carnegie Hall: Practice (Added 2 Nov 09)
Lester S Levy Sheet Music Collection
images of sheet music dating from 1780 to 1960
Listening To Music With Your Whole Body (Modified 31 Dec 11)
Evelyn Glennie, percussionist, deaf since 12
Live Music Archive (Modified 14 Apr 08)
loss-less compression format; from trader-friendly artists
Mandolin Cafe's Random Bad Bluegrass Band Namer
Mapping Your Brain On Music (Added 30 Dec 07)
How music stimulates the brain
Metronome by Seventh String (Added 6 Jul 07)
on-line or downloadable metronome Java applet
MP3 Raid
Search by tune or artist
Mugwumps on-line link list
Mugwumps Instrument Herald e-zine
Multimedia Music Dictionary (Added 20 Apr 07)
complete with definitions, images & pronounciation sound clips; from Virginia Tech
Muses' Muse
Songwriting resources
Musical Illusions & Paradoxes (Added 28 Oct 07)
downloadable soundclips; Diana Deutsch, professor of Psychology
Music Clip Art Resources (Modified 14 Apr 08)
Music Cognition Handbook: A Dictionary of Concepts (Added 19 Apr 07)
"Dictionary definitions for some 300 technical terms and concepts related to the field of music cognition"
Musical Instrument Range Chart
Music Manuscript Paper
Musical Traditions Articles (Added 27 Jul 08)
Musoku (Added 14 Dec 08)
Sudoku-like puzzle using Musical Symbols instead of numbers; Solution

noncommercial public radio station interviews & music showcase
Odd Musical Instrument Gallery
Odd Music Links (Added 13 May 07)
Old Music Photos (Added 27 Jul 08)
Old Pictures Of Musicians (Added 6 Apr 08)
pages & pages
Pack a Guitar for Shipping (Added 30 Jun 07)
Physics Of Music (Modified 31 Dec 11)
Practice Spot (Added 17 Jan 08)
"ideas & resources for great music lessons"
Practicing Music - How To (Modified 31 Dec 11)
Printable Staff Paper Page (Added 8 Oct 08)
choose from drop down menu
Public Domain Music
song list, fair use guidelines
Remembering the Old Songs (Added 25 Nov 08)
articles from "Inside Bluegras"; ballads & old-time songs
Santa Clara Valley Fiddle Assoc Music Links
Sheet Music: Using Effectively (Added 13 Oct 08)
Six Types Of Songs (Added 2 Aug 09)
according to Daniel Levitin's new book "The World In Six Songs"
String Calculator
Calculates string diameters & tensions
Stupid Music Answers (Added 29 Nov 07)
stupied/wrong answers collected by music teachers
Test For Music Addiction (Added 30 Nov 07)
Things Ive Learned From British Folk Ballads
This Day In Music (Added 1 Mar 09)
"An everyday record of musical facts"; Choose a day; Lists for: musicians born on this day; musical events that happened on this day; best of;
This Is Your Brain On Music (Modified 30 Dec 11)
"The Science Of A Human Obsession"; The relationship between music & the brain
Tips for Marketing Your Music
Toms Traditional Music Links (Added 27 Dec 07)
many Canadian music links
Traditional Ballad Index
search folk songs by word or phrase
Traditional Music Pages
Mandolin music and lessons (especially Scottish)/dd>
Tunings For Modern & Older Stringed Instruments
Tunings For Stringed Instruments
UnheardOf Instruments (Added 13 May 07)
Universe Of Bagpipes (Added 13 May 07)
Bagpipes from around the world
Victoria Folk Music Society (Modified 14 Apr 08)
Virtual Piano (Added 11 Oct 09)
Voice Training
Free Lessons
Virtual Keyboard (Added 12 Mar 07)
click piano key to sound note; from Middle C to Upper F; choose instrument voice which refreshes screen; play chords by choosing notes; 6 different drum beats
Virtual Music Museum (Added 7 June 08)
The University of South Dakota


CDs From Old Cassettes (Added 11 Jun 07)
From cassette tapes to CDs (Added 11 Jun 07)
Harmony Central Forum (Added 4 May 08)
How to Transfer Cassette Tape to Computer (Added 12 Mar 07)
Inside Home Recording Forum (Added 14 Apr 09)
Recording Website Forum (Added 14 Apr 09)
Vinyl and Tape to CD and MP3 (Modified 31 Dec 11)
Zoom H2 Confirmed SC Cards (Added 24 Nov 08)
Zoom Forum ( Modified 14 Apr 09)
Zoom H2 Forum ()
Zoom H2 Review (Added 2 Nov 08)
Zoom H2 Taperssection Forum (Added 24 Dec 08)

Music Theory

Bob Brozman's Tips for Guitarists
Chord Charts with Note Names (Added 22 July 08)
pdf files; Treble Chord Chart
Chord Charts & Maps
Chord families illustrated using piano keyboard; chord progression maps
E Music Theory
games to learn music theory: Practice drills, note names, intervals
E-Tabs - Blues Lessons (guitar)
Hokum: Theory and Scales for Fiddle Tunes and Fiddle Improvisation (Added 25 Jun 09)
by Leon Grizzard; google books preview
Interactive Circle Of Fifths (Added 2 Feb 08)
Lead Sheet Symbols (Added 4 Apr 08)
Multi-Media Music Dictionary (Modified 20 Apr 07)
complete with definitions, images & pronounciation sound clips; from Virginia Tech
Musical Cookbook
demo version limited in selections
Musical Notes & Rests (Added 3 Nov 08)
Dave VE7CNV's Truly Canadian Dictionary of Canadian Spelling; Canadian, American, British, French, Spanish
Musical Scales & Pitching Exercises (Added 23 Sep 09)
practice music to excercise pitch for scales, arpeggios, intervals; scale charts
Music Theory (Added 4 Apr 08)
Fundamentals, Analysis & Part-writing, interval recognition, rhythm reading, sight singing
Music Theory & History Online
extensive resource by Dr. Brian Blood
Music Theory & Orchestration
Musoku (Added 14 Dec 08)
Sudoku-like puzzle using Musical Symbols instead of numbers; Solution

Ornaments For Fiddle & Voice (Added 27 Feb 08)
explanation, notation & mp3 sample
Physics Of Music (Modified 31 Dec 11)
Ricci Adams'
lessons, trainers, utilities
Rhythms (Added 17 Apr 10)
Tab Reader's Guide To Standard Notation
by John McGann
The Tonal Center
Discusses chords, scales, cadences, modulation
Variation Techniques for Composers and Improvisors
Virtual Piano Chords (Added 22 May 07)
What's In A Chord
interactive display using piano keyboard
What's In A Scale
interactive display using piano keyboard