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Copyright Info

A Fair(y) Use Tale (Added 26 May 07)
9 minute, 21 MB video in Streaming or Downloadable MP4 formats; Humorous look at Principles of Copyright & Fair Use, legally (under present fair use laws) illustrated by using small clips from 27 different Disney films; produced by Eric Faden in 2007; hosted by Stanford University, Center For Internet & Society; Youtube
10 Big Myths about copyright explained
Assoc of songwriters, composers and publishers; title search
Berne Convention
International treaty "for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works"
performing rights assoc
Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd
Copyright & Fair Use
Copyrights and Royalties Explained (UK)
Copyright Term & Public Domain in USA (Added 12 Oct 10)
Copyright Website
Creative Commons
"flexible copyright licenses for creative works"
Digital Millennium Copyright Act Of 1998
for composers/owners of soundrecordings whose works are being digitally reproduced/distributed without their permission
Happy Birthday To You Copyright Story
Harry Fox Agency
song file for searching copyrights
How To Investigate the Copyright Status of a Work
Intellectual Property Music Law Questions
Radio & Internet Newsletter
ISMN International
The International Standard Music Number for Printed Music; "A System for Publishing, Distribution and Library Practices"
Musicians' Intellectual Law & Resources Links (Modified 14 Apr 08)
PD Info
Releasing Your Own Record: A Legal Checklist
Recording Industry Association of America
Save Internet Radio (Added 29 Mar 07)
Help keep MandoZine Radio & other small internet broadcasters
SESAC Search
writers & publishers performing rights organization
A Canadian music copyright collective for creators & publishers
SongFile (Public Search)
Harry Fox Agency
"Sonny Bono" Copyright Term Extension Act 1998
increases the term of copyright for works created today to the life of the author plus seventy years
Music Copyright Law in US (Added 30 Dec 11)
US Library of Congress Copyright Office (Modified 30 Dec 11)
Fair Use

Tune Info

American Musicological Society (Modified 14 Apr 08)
Bluegrass Messengers (Modified 30 Dec 11)
Bluegrass and Oldtime Lyrics, with notes and discography
CoMandoList Search Archives
coMANDO - Mandolin Playing and Enjoyment - search by date, keyword, subject, author
Digital Library of Appalachia
mp3 recorded by appalachian fiddlers; can create a list of favourites
Digital Tradition
Database of song lyrics; some have notation gifs
Fiddler's Companion - Old Site & New Site (Modified 31 Jul 12)
Reference Database of historial and musical information about 100's of fiddle tunes; Converting to WIKI format in 2012
Fiddle Players' Discussion List - Search Archives
Folk Tune Finder (Added 8 Jul 08)
Input notes, from keyboard or abc, or Title
Hetzler Internet Fakebook
categorized by tune type; celtic as well as old-time tunes in midi
Irish Traditional Music Tune Index
JC's ABC tune finder
combs the net to find abc files. Use ABC Converter for notation & MIDI
Mandolin Cafe Message Board (Modified 30 Sep 08)
search archives
MandoZine TablEdit Music Archives
over 2500 total tunes in TablEdit tef format; TablEdit music files need free TefViewer to see/hear/play along with, in notation and/or tablature with MIDI, at your own speed, often with guitar & bass backup
Mudcats Lyrics Discussion Forum
Open Music Encyclopedia
search for tunes by playing melody on computer keyboard, whistle or sing to computer, or use Parson's code (up, repeat, down)
Chris Walshaw's web-wide abc index (Modified 31 Dec 11)
The Session Tunes (Modified 12 Oct 08)
abc and music notation with discussions; Most Popular in Tunebooks
The Traditional Music Database
Search by tune name, ABCs, artists
Traditional Ballad Index (Modified 9 Jul 07)
A collaborative reference effort; "An Annotated Bibliography of the Folk Songs of the English-Speaking World"; searchable; large zipped text & html also available for download; Intro & Explanation
Traditional Tune Archive - New Site & Old Site (Added 31 Jul 12)
WIKI-based Reference Database of historial and musical information about 100's of fiddle tunes; Converting from Fiddlers Companion to WIKI in 2012
Web Resources for Research in Music
from the music department of the University College Cork