My UVic Community Network - Interactive Map
Photos & Weblinks, with a Google Earth Background
by Wendy Anthony - Feb 2010

This map has a static map as a background layer. The top layer is interactive, with many clickable links which will open in a new browser window. If you can't see the entire map in your browser window, centre the map by using the arrow keys, PageUp/Down keys, or the slider-controls at the bottom & right edges of the browser window.

How-To Create a Static Background Image in VUE:
  1. Open VUE > New Map
  2. File > Save As [MapName.vue]
  3. [Press Key] N (Node tool) > Click & Drag to form a new Node
  4. Right Click Node > Add Image/File [find image to link to]
  5. [Press Key] V (Move tool - cursor changes to hand) >
    Click & Drag Image outside of Node
  6. [Press Key] S (Select tool) > Click Node > Delete
  7. Click Image (edit boxes appear at blue edges) >
    Drag corner box until Image is appropriate size > click outside blue edges
  8. Windows > Layers > Rename Layer 1 (background image) >
    Click Lock (this makes background image static)
  9. Click Add Layer (this is the layer your info Nodes & Links are added to) >
    Rename New Layer
  10. Close Layers window [click x]
  11. File > Save (Ctrl+S)
My UVic Community Network Map - Photos, Weblinks, Google Earth Background
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