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Geneology & Oral History

Anthony Discussion List (Added 18 Nov 08)
Best Practices For Oral Histories (Added 2 Jul 10)
Audio-Tech, Field Recording Equipment Guide - 2007, Guidelines, Indexing & Transcribing Interviews, Interviewing, Intro To Field Work Techniques, Large Scale Digitization of Oral History, Preservation, Principles & Practices, Project Guidelines, Project Planning, Transcribing Guidelines
Canadian Oral History Association (Added 1 Jul 10)
Center for the Study of History and Memory (Added 1 Jul 10)
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Digital Audio Recording: Recording Levels (Added 2 Jul 10)
Digital Story Telling (Added 1 Jul 10)
H-Oralhist (Added 2 Jul 10)
discussion list; Search discussion log Archives by: Month back to 1996
Institute for Oral History (Added 1 Jul 10)
Digital Oral History Workshop, Transcribing Style Guide, , , ,
Integrating Digital Storytelling into the Classroom (Added 1 Jul 10)
Library of Congress - Teachers Resources (Added 1 Jul 10)
Primary sources
Oral History Tips (Added 1 Jul 10)
Interviewing Resources
Oral History Websites (Added 1 Jul 10)
Roots Web (Added 18 Nov 08)
Stories Matter (Added 1 Jul 10)
Concordia University; open source software; "Stories matter allows us to clip, index and export audio and video recordings and so it represents a real alternative to transcription"; Download - needs Adobe Air; multi-platform software

Google Books

Envelopes of Sound: The Art of Oral History (Added 2 Jul 10)
by Ronald J. Grele, Studs Terkel

History / Pre-History

John Lutz's Web (Added 5 Jul 10)
Signs Out Of Time - work of Dr. Marija Gimbutas (Added 21 Mar 2010)
2008 film; story of archaeologist Dr. Marija Gimbutas' work on the Neolithic cultures of Old Europe; "reveals evidence of peaceful, woman-honoring, Goddess worshiping, and egalitarian civilizations that existed for thousands of years without war"
Victoria's Victoria (Added 5 Jul 10)
UVic History Dept
British Colonist 1858-1910 (Added 5 Jul 10)
Victoria, BC, digitized; Index; 1st Canadian West Coast News 1858-63; ;


Digital Collections (Added 17 May 09)