Web Sites That Link To Mine

ABC Notation Sites (Added 23 Dec 08)
Music Notation Links - Tablature.htm
ab mp3 music search engine ringtones (Added 30 Jan 10)
My Westcoast Humbug mp3 from Listen.htm
A Tune A Day For 100 Days: Foxhunter's Reel (Added 21 Mar 10)
link to Wendy's Old-Time Tunes List; quote of my email's internet research quotes
Bluegrass Mandolin Home Page (Modified 21 Mar 14)
"Lots of useful material and links at Wendy Anthony's site - a great resource " (Aug O5); "Wendy Anthony's pages - loads of mando links, music and much more"(Sep 10)
Bob's Homepage Music Websites (Added 30 Mar 14)
Cruise Contra - OldTime Music links (Added 14 Jan 06; changed URL - 11 Feb 07)
Del.icio.us Tilden (Added 29 Mar 07)
Jazz Mandolin Links: A Few Of My Favourite Things; tagged with Mandolin & Jazz
Docs Guitar Depot (Added 30 Dec 08)
Music "Stuff" Links (Music.htm) - not much to site - no home page, just dir
Easton Old Time Jam (Added 18 Jul 09)
"Sources for Backup guitar samples, Chord Charts, and Fiddle Jam Recordings": Bent Mast Oldtime Tune List; Spiral Oldtime Tune List-- "Another great tunelist, this one with some C tunes we'll eventually get around to learning."
Fiddle Hangout Links Page (Added 16 May 08)
"Favourite Fiddle Links: A Few of My Favourite Fiddle Links"
Fiddle Jammer (Noticed 10 Feb 07)
linked to Tunes page; "World Of Wendy"; Tasmania site
Fiddlin's Fun (Noticed 28 Apr 08)
Misc. Fiddle Links: Music Links: A Few Of My Favourite Things
Found NYC (Added 30 Dec 08)
kieranbhoy, 07-29-2007, 05:10 PM, lets hit the dance floor!!!!!!!!!!!!:o ; http://www3.telus.net/On-LineMusicWorldofWendy/Pics/Gram-DancingOT-2004.jpg; (FOUND_NYC - Stone Island + C.P. Company Community)
france-bluegrass.org (Added 12 Apr 07)
"Et quelqu'un qui a fait un site avec beaucoup de liens mando": Mandolin.htm (12 Apr 07); "J'en profite pour mettre un lien que certains copains doivent avoir sur la mando, le jazz, le violon etc, etc..., c'est une compil de plein d'autres liens. MANDOMANIA (http://www3.telus.net/On-LineMusicWorldofWendy/Mandolin.htm)" (Aug 08)
france-bluegrass.org (Added 4 Oct 08)
"J'en profite pour mettre un lien que certains copains doivent avoir sur la mando, le jazz, le violon etc, etc..., c'est une compil de plein d'autres liens. MANDOMANIA (http://www3.telus.net/On-LineMusicWorldofWendy/Mandolin.htm)" (Aug 08)
Gennio (Added 30 Dec 08)
Jazz Mandolin Links: A Few Of My Favourite Things; Jazz.htm ; TONS OF LINKS HERE FOR MANDOLIN; asia Ma-ES Tags: Mandolin-Music-Links
Harpin' Ana Whinin' (Added 16 May 08)
Pages where Harpin' an' a Whinin' is listed worldwide on various websites... Wendy - Tablature
Hogfiddle (Added 6 Mar 09)
Music Notation Links; http://www3.telus.net/On-LineMusicWorldofWendy/Tablature.htm
Hot String Band Links (Noticed 10 Feb 07)
linked to OldTime page; "A Few Of My Favourite Music Links"; Tasmania site
Jazz Mando (Added 6 Apr 06)
"Lists you can't live without ... Possibly one of the most comprehensive Mandolin "Link" pages on the internet, check out Canadian 8-string mando enthusiast & educator Wendy Anthony's link page for some great mandolinist websites, MP3 Downloads, educational materials, and our personal favorite, the Videos On-line Links toward the bottom of the page. Wendy is also a regular contributor to Mel Bay's MandolinSessions bi-monthly webzine."
Kantorei-Ottweiler (Added Nov 06)
"Kostenloser Notendownload - Folk: 3.telus.net Linkliste für keltische Musik/Noten"
Legion Of Shadows (Added 13 Jun 07)
ABC notation info discussion: Tablature page link
Ma.gnolia (Added 30 Dec 08)
Choro Music Sources: A Few Of My Favourite Things; Many great music-related links at this site; Saved by Steve Berry on November 15, 2007
MandoIsland (Added 7 Nov 05)
"Wendy Anthony spielt Mandoline und hat viele Links und Informationen über sich, ihre Musik und über die Mandoline zusammengetragen. Unter anderem hat sie auch meine Homepage MandoIsland entdeckt und einen Link dorthin eingefügt. Vielen Dank, Wendy!"
MandoIsland Weblog (Added Mar 06)
Mando Videos; "Dabei bin ich auf den folgenden Thread gestossen, der sich mit Online Videos befasst, die man im INternet finden kann. Mandolin Cafe Message Board. Sehr hilfreich ist auch die umfassende Linkliste zu Online Videos, die Wendy Anthony zusammengestellt hat: I've been collecting some links of My Favourite On-Line Mando Videos ... some have already been mentioned here ... "
MandoIsland Mandolin Players (Added Apr 06)
"wer ihn also einmal sehen möchte sollte sich die Linkliste von Wendy Anthony zu Online Mandolin Videos durchsehen!"
Mandolin CD Purchase Guide (Added late 05)
Japanese site; "Player, link collection classified by genre such as musical score and sound source "
Mandolin en Gennio (Added 6 Mar 09)
Jazz Mandolin Links: A Few Of My Favourite Things; http://www3.telus.net/On-LineMusicWorldofWendy/Jazz.htm "TONS OF LINKS HERE FOR MANDOLIN"
Mandolinen-Museum (Noticed 27 Nov 07)
"Portale: Linksammlung aus USA": Mandolin page link; "Videos: On-LineMusicWorldofWendy": Mandolin Videos page link
Mandolin Information Blogspot (Added 27 Nov 07)
"Wendy Anthony site" mandolin link
Mandolin Luthier (Added 3 May 10)
Mando Links Page: "Some superb and varied mandolin-related links"; Mandolin.htm
Mandolin Resources (Added 18 Jan 09)
"A Resource page for students of traditional mandolin music; Some of the links here and many more can be found at the Online Music World of Wendy (Mandolin.htm). Wendy's Site is a must visit!!!"
Mandolin Wolf (Added 6 May 14)
"Mandolinistˇ ostatn’": Wendy Anthony MyMusic.htm; "Zaj’mavˇ mandol’novˇ odkazy": Wendy Anthony Site: index.htm
MandoTunes (Added 27 Nov 07)
Web Links: "Wendy Anthony Site"
MandoZine (Added 27 Jun 05)
"Wendy Anthony Site"
MandoZine Blog (Added 25 Apr 06)
"Recommended Site"
Mountain Jubilee (Added 30 Jan 08)
"Wendy's Favourite Bluegrass Links"
Mudcat Cafe Forum (Added 6 Feb 07)
"Review: The link is awesome."
Mudcat Cafe Links (Added 30 Dec 08)
World of Wendy; http://www3.telus.net/On-LineMusicWorldofWendy/; Misc; "A Few Of My Favourite Music Links"; Sub-categories include: Bluegrass, Blues, Celtic Jazz, OldTime, Mandolin, Fiddle, Music Info, Music Research, Software, Tabs/Notes; also dev.mudcat.org/links/LinksByCat.cfm?CategoryID=6
Muusikoiden.net (Added 16 May 08)
Finland Music Discussion Forum: The Mandolin debate " http://www3.telus.net/On-LineMusicWorldofWendy/Mandolin.htm"
Olav Torvund's Blues Guitar Pages (Added late 05)
"Blues Music Favourite Sites"
Old School Bluegrass Band (Added 22 Nov 06)
"Wendy Anthony's Favorite Things — Wonderful site with tons of music related links, including all the acoustic instruments."
Old Time Banjo (Added 30 Jan 08)
"Old time music links galore"
Origami Kids (Added 6 May 14)
Paper Craft 131 Photos | Stairway To Heaven - Greeting Card | 038
Play Along Tracks For Old Time and Irish Practice (Added 19 Feb 15)
"Wendy's Old-Time Tunes List: Site containing a long list of old-time tunes and links to where you can hear them. By clicking on Wendy's links you'll find out about even more play along sites that aren't covered here."
The Reel Book (Added 22 Apr 08)
"Celtic Music Links: A Few Of My Favourite Things Wendy Anthony"
Spiral Cafe Old Time Jam (Added 7 Apr 07)
"Wendy's Favorite Old Time Links"
Steven D. Price (Added 13 Jan 07)
found via Sitemeter referral 13 Jan 2007; 1 of 3 Bluegrass Music links (Mandolin Cafe & Live 365); Site for Advice Books by SDP & Horses - still under construction
Victoria Bluegrass Association
Music Transcription Services
Yet Another Mandolin Forum (Added 18 Apr 07)
"Hard to believe someone believes this board is worth linking to.... "

Sites Linking To My MandolinSessions Columns

Hornpipes (Added 4 Jul 07)
Old Time Mandolin Musicians (Added 3 Apr 14)
"Wendy Anthony - Canadian Old Time Music mandolinist writes a column for Mandolin Session on ŅBuilding a Traditional Tune RepertoireÓ (read OTM). "
Salt Creek variations (Added 4 Jul 07)
based on my arrangement, June 2005
Turn That Fiddle Down (Added 23 Mar 14)
"MelBay Bound" links to the Mel Bay page, copied my pdf file & hosted on site, without attributing my name
Whiskey Before Breakfast Lyrics (Added 6 Jan 10)