Music Transcription & Recording Software

Downloadable Software

Absolute Fretboard Trainer - Lite (Added 21 Feb 07)
Audacity (Modified 30 Jan 10)
Free sound recorder/editor; saves as wav file; Audacity Wiki Home Page; Forum; Manual; Tips; Audacity WIKI; Audacity-Related Plug-ins; Tutorials Links; Video Tutorials by Baynard Bailey of Vassar College; YouTube Tutorials; Fix Latency Video Tutorial; WIKI Educator; to save as mp3 file, need to install lame library file (lame_enc.dll for Windows & lamelib for Mac) on computer, & let Audacity know where to find it, in Preferences > FileFormats > MP3 Export Find Library
Intonia (Added 29 Jan 2008)
Pitch recorder; "displays pitch, amplitude, and intonation on a continuously-scrolling display"
Karaoke MIDI Player
can change tempo, volume, key of song, piano keyboard view
Old Apps (Modified 31 Dec 11)
free downloads for Old Software versions: CoolEdit 96, iTunes
Music notation/tablature creator. Imports/Exports MIDI, abc, ascii. Play along with MIDI/tab/notation at your own speed. Free TefViewer; Tutorials
Tartini (Added 29 Jan 2008)
Real-time music analysis tool; developed at University of Otago in New Zealand
Transcribe! for Windows 7.2
Transcribe! Introduction & Keyboard Commands (Added 2 Nov 2009)
Transcribe! for Windows 7.2 (from Cnet)(Modified 31 Dec 11)
WinAmp & PaceMaker PlugIn
Free media player. Old versions still available; Free plugin pacemaker slows down tempo, without affecting pitch - helps when learning tunes

Misc Software & Computer Stuff

File Hosting & Sharing (Added 4 Jan 2010)
200 MB max file size; basic free account: unlimited uploads, downloads & storage; cannot directly hot-link to files; advertising driven, with some pop-ups

On-Line Music Transcription Services

abcjs (Added 19 Jul 2010)
"javascript for rendering abc music notation"; Installation Documentation
ABC Notation Converter
Free on-line converter; copy/paste any ABC file and convert to notation and MIDI
ABC Standards (Modified 31 Dec 11)
How to read & write abc notation, as conceived & written by Chris Walshaw
ABC Transposer
online transposition of abc files
Chord Voicings
for guitar or mandolin tuning (use x for unused strings; not all chords are playable
Select key for suggested guitar chords & progressions