Bent Mast Pub - Tuesday Celtic Sessions
Tunes List 2004

Note: These are only some of the tunes played

Bent Mast Pub Session Tunes Lists:
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Fisher's Hornpipe Hornpipe D

Banish Misfortune Irish Jig D
Blackthorn Stick Irish Jig G
Kesh Jig Irish Double Jig G
Kid On The Mountain Irish Slip Jig Em
Morrison's Jig   Em
Out On The Ocean Irish Double Jig G
Rippling Water American Jig E to A
Scatter The Mud Irish Double Jig Am to G
SwallowTail Jig   Em
The Three Sea Captains Irish Jig G
Trip To Sligo Irish Jig Em

O'Carolan Tunes
O'Carolan's Concerto D
O'Carolan's Welcome G
Planxty Blind Mary Slow Air D
Planxty Brabazon G
Planxty Hewlett G
Planxty Maggie Brown G

Brenda Stubbard's Reel Am
Caribou Reel Andy de Jarlis Em
Dunmore Lasses Irish Reel Em
Glory Reel Em
Joys of Quebec French Canadian A
Maple Sugar Ward Allen - Canadian A / E
Miller's Reel A
Miss McLeod's Reel AKA Hop High Ladies; Uncle Joe G
Reel de Joie Cajun C
Silver Spear Irish Reel G
Spootiskerry Shetland - Ian Burns G
The Banshee AKA: James McMahon's Reel G

Slow Tunes / Airs
Dark Isle Scottish G
Down By The Sally Gardens slow D
Foggy Dew Irish Air Em
For Our Fathers Daniel Lapp D
High On A Mountain Air Am
Kitty Tirrell Irish Air G
Midnight On The Water Texas fiddle Waltz D
Wild Mountain Thyme Scottish Air D
Wild Rose Of The Mountain Scottish Air; John Mason A

Other Tunes
All In A Garden Green courtly English tune G
Catharsis Gm
Chinese Breakdown C
Cottage In The Grove A Dorian
Forest Flower Finnish Waltz Gm
Gravel Walk A
Jazzed Up Molecules Bill Guest G
Keep The Ark Moving
King Of The Fairies Irish Set Dance Em
Les Poules Huppes Dm
O'Keefe's Slide 6/8 Slide E Dorian
Silver and Gold Canadian Two-Step D