Bent Mast Pub - Tuesday Celtic Sessions
Tunes List 2008

Note: These are only some of the tunes we play - I will be adding to this list regularly ...

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Some Notation & Midi files:
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Boys of Bluehill, The D
Chief O'Neill's Favourite D
Cuckoo's Nest Edor
Fisher's Hornpipe D
Off To California G
Peacock's Feather, The Ddor
Rights of Man, The Em
Staten Island Hornpipe D

Athole Highlanders, The Dmix
Banish Misfortune Irish Jig Dmix
Butterfly Irish Slip Jig Em
Calliope House D
Cliffs Of Moher Irish Double Jig Ador
Connaughtman's Ramble Irish Jig D
Foxhunters Slip Jig 9/8 D
Garrett Barry Jig 5 MP3s & pdf Dmix
Irishman's Heart to the Ladies Irish Jig A
Jig Of Slurs Pipe Major G. S. MacLennan D
Jim Ward's Jig Jim Ward; MP3 G
Kesh Jig Irish G
Kid On The Mountain Irish Slip Jig Em
Lark In The Morning Irish Double Jig D
Lark On The Strand, The Irish Double Jig G
Lilting Banshee Irish Ador
Maggie Brown's Favorite Irish G
Merrily Kiss the Quaker Irish Jig G
Morrison's Jig Em
Old Favorite, The Jig G
Out On The Ocean G
Rakes of Kildare, The Irish Jig Ador
Rambling Pitchfork Irish Double Jig; MP3 & pdf D
Road To Lisdoonvarna Single Jig / Slide Em
Roaring Barmaid G
Roaring Jelly Jig D
Rolling Waves Irish Double Jig D
Ten Penny Bit, The Irish Jig Ador
Three Sea Captains G
Tobin's Favorite Jig D
Tripping Up the Stairs Jig D / Bm
When The Cock Crows (It's Day) Jig G

O'Carolan Tunes
Carolan's Dream origin of Stairway To Heaven Am
Morgan Megan 2/4 time G
Planxty Fanny Power O'Carolan G
Planxty Hewlett O'Carolan D

Balleydesmond Polka #2 Am
Denis Murphy's Polka Irish Polka D
Finnish Polka Am or Bm
John Ryan's often played with Denis Murphy's Polka D

Bank of Ireland Dmix / C
Banshee Irish AKA: James McMahon's Reel G
Brenda Stubbard's Reel Jerry Holland (Canadian) Am
Campbell's Farewell To Red Gap Campbell's Farewell To Red Castle Amix
Congress Reel Ador
Cooley's Usually followed by Dunmore Lasses Edor
Cup Of Tea Em / D
Dinkie Dorian's Reel Amix
Drowsy Maggie Edor
Fairy Dance aka Dashing White Sergeant D
Flowers Of Edinburgh Scottish G
Frank's Reel by John McCusker A
Glory Reel Em
Golden Keyboard, The Edor
June Apple Amix
Kitchen Girl Amix
Lads Of Laois, The (pronounced Leesh) Em
Maid Behind The Bar Irish MP3 & notation D
Man Of The House Edor
Mason's Apron Irish Reel A
The Merry Blacksmith Irish Reel D
Musical Priest Irish Reel Bm
Over The Moor To Maggie G
Rakish Paddy Dmix
Red Haired Boy A
Réel de Montréal French Canadian pdf G
Réel du Brae French Canadian PEI pdf Am
Silver Spear Irish D
Spootiskerry Ian Burns - Shetland Reel G
St. Anne's Reel Fr. Canadian D
Swallowtail Reel Am
Tarbolton's Reel Scottish Edor
Temperance Reel Irish G
Virginia Reel D
Wedding Reel D
Wise Maid, The by Johnny Doherty D
Woman Of The House G

Slow Tunes / Airs
A Bruxa (The Witch) Spanish/Galatian Waltz Am
Amhran A Leabhai MP3 & notation Em
Dans Andro Breton Am
Dark Island Scottish Air by Iain MacLachlan G / Am
Dusty Winebottle Am
Fort Of The Fairy Queen G
I'll Never Get Tired Of The Pacific Ocean Rodger Talroth (Sweden) G
Inisheer Irish Air Waltz by Thomas Walsh Dmix
January Snows English Air Em
Joy To The Person Of My Love 16th C Scottish Dm
Josephin's Waltz G
Kitty Tirrell Irish Air G
Margaret's Waltz by Pat Shuldham-Shaw (English) A
My Cape Breton Home Jerry Holland (Canadian) G
Niel Gow's Lament for his Second Wife D
Scotch Cap Early Scottish Dm
South Wind Slow Irish Air G
Star Of The County Down Irish Air Am
Wild Rose Of The Mountain Scottish Air; by John Mason A

Other Tunes (Some Still To Categorize)
Cutting Ferns Scottish Strathspey Am
Dunmore Lasses Em
Filet Bobine by Jean Blanchard; played with Les Poules Huppes D
Foxhunter's Reel G
Gravel Walk, The Ador
Jazzed Up Molecules Bill Guest G
King Of The Fairies Irish Set Dance Edor
Michael's Mazurka Michael Ferrie (1996) G
Mountain Road, The Michael Gorman D
Oor Pal Davy by John McCusker & Phil Cunningham for Davy Steele D
Otter's Holt, The Bm
Les Poules Huppes by Gilles Chabanet; played with Filet Bobine Dm
Rodney's Glory Am
The Rose Tree D
Silver Spire, The D
Star Of Munster, The Usually followed by The Gravel Walk Ador
Stella's Trip to Kamloops March; by Patricia Chafe (Cape Breton) A
Swinging On A Gate G
Tipperary Tinker Ador
Tourdion 16th C Dance Am
Traveller's, The G