Vision Loss Web Resources

Assistive Technology

Accessibility of Rich Internet Applications (Added 10 Feb 10)
British Columbia Libraries: Libraries Without Walls (Added 26 Apr 2010)
iPod compatible audio books
GMail: Use With Screen Readers (Added 10 Feb 10)
for ARIA powered screen readers, in Firefox browsers
Libri Vox (Added 8 Feb 10)
free audiobooks from the public domain; Catalogue
Mary - Text To Speech (Added 8 Feb 10)
free, open source; for German, English and Tibetan; Download
Natural Reader (Added 8 Feb 10)
free text-to-speech software; reads text, MSWord, Internet Explorer, pdf files, emails; adjustable speed, male/female voice
Power Reader (Added 31 Jan 10)
"a dyslexic text reader/learning tool, a graphical, interactive text reader integrated with computer text-to-speech whose level of focus, complexity, and detail is adjustable according to the user's needs"
Project Possibilities (Added 31 Jan 10)
open-source accessibility projects
System Access To Go (Added 8 Feb 10)
download to use on any computer; spoken prompts need Internet Explorer; use Tab Key to move through web pages
Web Accessibility Checker (Added 31 Jan 10)
Web Anywhere (Added 8 Feb 10)
Try Now; open source, web-based screen reader "on the go"; requires no software installation; limitations: no access to desktop applications; interaction using keyboard commands; can be used on any web-enabled device; for Windows, use windowskey+r (opens run dialogue box) > enter Web Anywhere url for Quick access, then type new URL to visit a web page, using tab & keyboard shortcuts to navigate page


101 Ways to Use Braille (Modified 8 Jul 14)
About Braille (Added 31 Jan 10)
Braille Alphabet (Added 31 Jan 10)
Braille & ASL Fonts (Modified 8 Jul 14)
Braille Charts For Download (Added 31 Jan 10)
different ones for North America, United Kingdom, Other English
Braille Flashcards (Added 31 Jan 10)
Braille Through Remote Learning (Added 31 Jan 10)
Introduction to Braille; Braille Transcribers
Braille True Type Fonts (Added 31 Jan 10)
North American Braille Basics (Added 31 Jan 10)
Braille Authority of North America

Braille Music

Braille Music Code 1997 (Added 31 Jan 10)
in French
Braille Music FAQs (Added 31 Jan 10)
Braille Music Notation - New International Manual (Added 31 Jan 10)
Braille Music Page (Added 31 Jan 10)
Music Braille (Added 31 Jan 10)
Music Braille Code; Music Braille Basics #1 & #2
Lunar Tuner (Added 31 Jan 10)
"an accessible musical instrument tuner, designed to be usable by blind, deaf, or fully-abled but pitch-challenged users"; Help file

Dragon Speak

Blog DNS (Added 2 Jul 10)
Dragon Naturally Speaking Portal (Added 2 Jul 10)
Getting Started with DNS (Added 2 Jul 10)
Instructional Videos DNS (Added 13 Jul 10)
Facebook DNS (Added 2 Jul 10)
Newsletters DNS (Added 2 Jul 10)
Youtube DNS (Added 2 Jul 10)
200 Words Per Minute Voice Recognition, 95 yr old learns DNS, Olympus WS-210S Voice Recorder, Review DNS 10, Training Transcribing from MP3 Recorder, Voice Command Practice, Word Demo,

Macular Hole / Epiretinal Membrane / Floaters

Epiretinal Membrane Scan (Added 2 Jul 10)
Macular Hole: Role of Vitreoschisis (Added 27 Apr 10)
as imaged by OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)
Macular Hole on YouTube (Added 2 Jul 10)
Posterior Vitreous Detachment: Floaters and Flashes (Added 27 Apr 10)


A Primer On Geometry & Vision (Added 1 Feb 10)

Vision Loss

Adapting To Sight Loss (Added 30 Jan 10)
Eye Health Discussion Forum (Added 30 Jan 10)
Guidelines for Producing Readable Text (Added 31 Jan 10)
Guiding People with Little or No Sight (Added 31 Jan 10)
Light Sensitivity - Photophobia (Added 30 Jan 10)
Living With Sight Loss Discussion Forum (Added 30 Jan 10)
Royal National Institute of Blind People, London, UK
Making The Most Of Your Sight (Added 30 Jan 10)
Macular Hole (Added 31 Jan 10)
helpful hints for Posturing after surgery; Face Down Support Posturing Equipment
Working In The Shed - Keep Safe (Added 31 Jan 10)
10 top tips; Hammering Nails; Measuring; Sewing; Wool Craft