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Catharine Parr Traill (Added 27 May 07)
In The Forest; The Step-Brothers; Lost In The Backwoods; Afar In Ihe Forest, or, Pictures Of Life And Scenery In The Wilds Of Canada; The Canadian Emigrant Housekeeper's Guide; The Canadian Settler's Guide; Cot And Cradle Stories; The Female Emigrant's Guide, And Hints On Canadian Housekeeping; Pearls And Pebbles, or, Notes Of An Old Naturalist; Studies Of Plant Life In Canada: Wild Flowers, Flowering Shrubs, and Grasses - pdf; The Tell Tale - pdf
Early Canadiana Online (Added 27 May 07)
Search; Winter Studies And Summer Rambles In Canada - 1838
Children's Classics (Added 7 Dec 08)
Classic Literature Library (Added 21 Jan 08)
free public domain ebooks
Mark Twain - Life On The Mississippi (Added 1 May 07)
pdf file from
Project Gutenberg (Added 1 May 07)
over 20,000 free books in the Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog


Digital Story Telling (Added 20 Dec 09)
7 Elements of Story Telling
Medieval Help Desk (Added 27 May 07)
How to use a Book; Norwegian with English subtitles
Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci (Added 1 Feb 2010)
Sacred Texts (Added 27 Oct 09)
"archive of online books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric"
The New York Times Learning Network (Added 3 Aug 09)
for Grades 3-12; connections for students, teachers, parents

Fairy Tales, Myths & Folklore

Aesop's Fables (Added 20 Dec 09)
American Folklore (Added 20 Dec 09)
Athiest Quotes (Added 3 Jun 2010)
Positive Atheism's Big List of Quotations; Random Quote
Autumn Customs & Lore (Added 27 May 07)
Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.
Encyclopedia Mythica (Added 20 Dec 09)
mythology, folklore, and religion; Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania
Fiddle Tune Fairy Tale (Added 29 Nov 07)
written by Mac McKeever as wedding present for Drew Beisswenger & Lisa Langston; contains titles of over 85 fiddle tunes; Fiddle-L
Lore & History of Chocolate (Added 27 May 07)
Politically Correct "Twas The Night Before Christmas" (Added 29 Nov 07)
Politically Correct "Red Riding Hood" (Added 29 Nov 07)
Spring Customs & Lore (Added 27 May 07)
Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.
Story Lovers (Added 18 Nov 08)
Summer Customs & Lore (Added 27 May 07)
Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.
Sur La Lune Fairy Tales
Fairy tale and folklore studies; 45 annotated fairy tales, with histories & similar tales across cultures
The Real Mother Goose - 1916 (Added 1 May 07)
Illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright
Winter Customs & Lore (Added 27 May 07)
Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.


Celebration of Women Writers - Canada (Added 17 Oct 09)
list of published works, with links
Chinook Language (Added 3 Mar 09)
"The hidden language of the Pacific Northwest"; Chinook vocabulary, English-to-Chinook reference; online pdf files
Creative Proverbs From Around The World (Added 20 Dec 09)
Dialect Survey & Maps (USA) (Added 20 Dec 09)
Middle English Texts (Added 20 Dec 09)
Phrase Finder (Added 27 May 07)
Plot Diagram (Added 20 Dec 09)
online tool to graph your triangle-shaped plot / significant events; adding events with description
Textalyser (Added 7 Dec 08)
analyze text: Word count, frequency
Stop Motion Animation Project with Post-Its (Added 20 Dec 09)
tools: digital camera, post-its, pen, Window's Movie Maker, Audacity
Terri Windling Studio Blog: Art, Myth, Stories (Added 22 Dec 10)
Truly Canadian Dictionary (Added 2 Nov 08)
Visuwords (Added 20 Dec 09)
online 3-D graphic dictionary-thesaurus; tool to explore words & related words; Uses
Web Economy Bullshit Generator (Added 18 Oct 08)
Wordle (Added 7 Dec 08)
generates "Word Clouds" from text; more frequent words will appear larger in the word cloud; custom fonts, layouts, and color; print to pdf; created by Jonathan Feinberg; Advanced; Blog