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Al Mozaico Dance Theatre FLAMENCO IS AN ART FORM that attracts many people because of its intensity, sensuality, and capacity to express raw human emotion and experience. Anyone can learn and enjoy flamenco regardless of age or dance background.

Oscar Nieto (pictured second from left) was awarded the prestigious Jacqueline Lemieux Prize by the Canada Council for the Arts (October 12, 2005: for the Canada Council's full press release click here). Oscar was selected in recognition of his long standing contribution to the art of flamenco in Canada. The selection committee said: “Oscar Nieto still puts the stage on fire when he performs! He has never ceased to innovate and challenge himself. Over the years, he has kept his foot on the pulse of flamenco development and also kept his students abreast of these new developments. As one of very few senior male flamenco dancers in this country, he is leaving an important legacy for flamenco dance across Canada.”

Oscar NietoFounder and Artistic Director of Mozaico Flamenco, Oscar Nieto has been teaching flamenco for 30 years and has developed a reputation for making the learning process both fun and effective by using methods which allow students to grasp the difficulties of flamenco dance and music. Visit our Vancouver Classes page for current information on Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy.

new!Mozaico Flamenco Dance Theatre has empassioned audiences through numerous performances including the production of Espiritu Sin Nombre (2004), Poemas de Alegrias (Poems of Joy - 2005) and Cafe de Chinitas (2006/7). Visit Recent Projects to view photos and a write-up. Click here to find out more about Oscar Nieto, and Upcoming Events. This site also includes resource features such as Interesting Flamenco Articles and the Worldwide Flamenco Directory.

radioClick here to listen to the ‘CBC Interview with Oscar Nieto’ which aired October 2nd, 2004. In this 13-minute interview, Oscar Nieto converses about the production Espiritu Sin Nombre (Spirit Without Name), and the process he follows from inspiration to choreography. He also discusses the resurgence of interest in traditional choreographies such as ones created by his mentor Lola Montes in the middle of the last century, that were recently re-staged for Espiritu Sin Nombre. Also included is commentary by visual artist Marta Robertson Smyth, whose paintings augmented this production. (Note large download file size, 6.5 mb.)

A second ‘CBC Interview with Oscar Nieto’ aired March 2nd, 2004. In this 17-minute interview, Oscar Nieto relates some of the fascinating history of the flamenco art form, how flamenco changed his life, and current flamenco events in Vancouver. (Note large download file size, 8.5 mb.)

Vancouver Flamenco Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher/Historian Oscar Nieto, interviewed by Fanny Keifer on 'Studio 4'
... includes flamenco dance/song/guitar performance by Jafelin Helton, Andrea Williams, Maria Avila, and Roderick Malkin.

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