Flamenco Articles by Oscar Nieto

  • Oscar Nieto‘CBC Interview with Oscar Nieto’


    In this 17-minute interview, Oscar Nieto relates some of the fascinating history of the flamenco art form, how flamenco changed his life, and current flamenco events in Vancouver. (Note large download file size, 8.5 mb)

  • Paco de Lucia‘Evolution and Revolution in Flamenco’

    by Oscar Nieto

    The word ‘flamenco’ conjures up images of intense and passionate Spanish dance, yet it is much more. It is a lifestyle, an art form, song, dance, and music. These many aspects of flamenco owe their richness to a long and turbulent history, under conditions of cultural, ethnic and political turmoil which continue to drive its evolution....

  • Oscar Nieto teaching flamenco‘Cognitive Awareness Learning (C.A.L.)’

    by Oscar Nieto

    Cognitive Awareness Learning is a method of teaching dance and teaching people how to learn. Through 35 years of teaching I have discovered that people learn differently and that most of us are not shown ‘how to learn.’....

  • Oscar Nieto, c. 1972‘Flamenco 101 — Oscar’s Flamenco Journey’

    by Oscar Nieto

    The flamenco dance that we see today (2003) and the dance that we were doing in the late 1960s is not the same dance, and yet it retains a core that is as true today as it was at its inception. That core is the “cante” or song. One of the things that we’re almost certain of is that it was the songs or song forms that came first; then the dance was added, and finally the music.....

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