Gnome Quilt-Picture Project

On pages 66 & 67 of the book, The Gnomes Book of Christmas Crafts, by Carol Sterbenz is a picture of a group of gnomes gathering for a celebration. I always thought I would like to do a project like this one. The project in the book calls for a painted picture. However, I wanted to combine painting and embroidery to create a special quilt-like picture.

First I hand drew the many gnomes in the various poses. The next step will be to produce from my drawings embroidery patterns to create these wonderful wee folk.

If you are interested in purchasing some of my personal designs created for this project contact me at My designs are in JEF format suitable for use with the Janome 10000 embroidery machines. Members can purchase these initial 3 designs in JEF file format for $2 each.

Once I have completed the set I will hand paint a background scene then affix the embroidered gnomes with an iron on adhesive creating a wonderful little mural. Each gnome will be numbered for easy identification.

Please note that number 5 is just the gnome sitting and does not include the birdhouse & bird. Each one is machine embroidered onto white flannel using rayon thread and then carefully cut out. I hope to produce approximately 12 designs.

Here are the background fabrics I chose to create my quilt-picture on.
Rather than quilt batting I am using arctic fleece.

Day 2

Can you not imagine little gnomes and tiny fae inhabiting this quilt-picture.
I am going to call it QueenGnome's Realm!
(Size: About one meter square)

Day 3 & 4
I added embroidered trees and a grape vine (barely visible in this picture) along with a crew of gnomes!
The gnomes are both embroidered from my designs and cut-outs from fabric.
See how they hide nicely in the foreground.

I think the sky needs a few wee fairies and some flowers should soon start to sprout in the foreground.

Well I think it is almost finished...Day 5 & 6