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Sketching outdoors
For the past fourty years I have been mesmerized by the beauty of British Columbia's coast. Working as a fisherman I've travelled from Alaska to the Straits of Juna da Fuca, sketching in pencil, oils, and watercolours. I've painted what I sketched in small and big encaustic beeswax panels. Art school was inacessable to me so I am "self-taught".  I learned my craft painting a thousand bad pictures. If some aren't so bad credit must be given to the many books on art and artists I've read.

My home is in a tiny community far from any major art centre so my work has not received the exposure I would like. Consequently my work has rarely been shown in public - and hence this website...

Though I started with landscapes my focus has shifted to figurative works recently - nudes and portraits. Portraits will always be a passion - I've done them from the beginning. Nudes are a different challenge. While I was introduced to working from the nude model thirty years ago opportunities to continue that exploration have been rare. That's changed now, and I am pursuing it with enthusiasm. I have been extremely fortunate to find models who have been generous in posing for me. I am ever grateful to them.

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