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Other surnames included within the Szendrei Family Tree are:  Benes, Czinege, Foldi, Gulyas, Puskas, Kirjak, Kovacs, Nemeth, Rauschenberger, Todd, Toth, Tudor, Varga

I have been researching my family tree for a couple of years now. It has been very time consuming, so it tends to be an on-and-off activity. Small periods of intense work with periods when nothing is done at all. However, some progress has been made and this site summarizes the results, so far.

It should be noted that other variations of the spelling of Szendrei are: Szendrey, Sandrey, Sandry.

I started my research with my grandmother on my maternal side, Annie Emerentia Sandrey, then branching out on both her maternal and paternal side. But the biggest portion of my research has been directed toward the Szendrei side of the tree.

My gr-grandfather, Jozsef Szendrei (Annie's father), along with his second wife, Erzsebet Sebok emigrated from Karczag, Szolnok, Hungary in 1911 on the S.S. PISA, with five children, Ksney (Frank), Klara, Mariska (Mary), Lorincz (Lawrence) and Imre (James). My grandmother, Annie was the first born in Canada, followed by two brothers, John and Joseph. I have had the pleasure of meeting James and John a few years ago resulting in several hours of a taped interview!

I am very interested in connecting with the descendents of my gr-grandfather, Jozsef Szendrei's siblings. Those were (all born in Karczag, Hungary):

- Imre Szendrei: b unknown

- Antal Urbanus Szendrei: b May 21, 1858; m. November 13, 1882 to Erzsebet Bene

- Clara Risa Szendrei: b. August 27, 1860; m. November 18, 1878 to Jozsef Foldi

- Maria Szendrei: b. August 05, 1869; m. June 29, 1890 to Jozsef Nemet

- Istvan Szendrei: b. Apr 15, 1872

I am also looking for information on Jozsef Szendrei's first marriage to Rosalia Puskas. She was born September 26, 1869 and died December 12, 1894. They married on November 14, 1887. I only have information on two children from this marriage - Szuzanna Szendrey, born March 28, 1892, death unknown; and Erzebet Szendrey, born April 18, 1894 and died May 23, 1894.

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