This is the Homepage of TcpipViewer program -- A TCP/IP protocol decoder enables you to capture any incoming and outgoing TCP/IP packets from your computer. It can identify and decode most of the protocols from datalink layer upto application layer under TCP/IP protocol suite, such as MAC, IP, TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, SMTP and HTTP.

Note: This program has been designed for Microsoft® Windows® XP/NT.
Windows® 95/98/ME are not supported at this moment.

Installation and User Guide:
Step Instructions
1 Download the zip file and uncompress it. Run the TcpipViewer.exe to install.
Note: you might be experienced with some error messages during the installation of this program on Window 2000 platform. It would not affect the execution of the program if you just ignore it when an error happens. Also, you might need to reboot your computer after installation complete, if the program faces "unable to open device" error situation, in some cases.
2 Two icons will be created -- one is on desktop, and the other one in start menu, once installation finished. Click one of the icons to launch the program.
3 Choose one of the "Eth Info" pages (you might have multiple pages appearing on your computer -- depending on the number of network cards installed on your computer) and click "monitor now" button to start capturing the TCP/IP traffic of the specified network card.
Note:The number of packets can be captured at a time will be limited (less than 199). However, there is no limit on re-capture function.
4 Click "Stop" button on the capture screen to go into the decoder phase, a snapshot screen similar to the one shown in this web page.
The program will decode each incoming and outgoing packet.
The "DIR" field in the header decode screen is an indicator for incoming or outgoing packets -- "<==O" means the packet is outgoing, "<==I" means the packet is incoming while "==NA==" means pass by packet.
5 Use "program add/remove" button under control panel to uninstall the program.

Enjoy and have fun...

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