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Here we present some of our new and old sculpture, statuary, figurines and
monuments. In the studio, we sculpt in all sizes, from maquettes to colossal.
We do all sizes of garden statuary. We work for patrons, societies, churches
and companies. The Sculptors Studio works in; metal, stone, wood, waxes,
plasters, foams, resins and concrete. Clays and plasticine are also used in models.

Jesus and the children figurineRocking Baby ElephantSoapstone WingsSoapstone Octopus
Jesus and children            Alabaster Elephant                Soapstone Wings          Soapstone Octopus 

Delta Agricultural Society Monument
Delta Agricultural Society's Centennial Sculpture

St Joseph and JesusBig Jesus and childrenMary and Jesus
St. Joseph and Jesus                                Jesus and little children                              St. Mary and Jesus   

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