Work in Progress

Joseph and Mary

  We've been pretty busy in the Sculptors studio. We work in a large variety of mediums and materials. Stone, wood, metals and resins are dominate, yet clay, plasticene, waxes, plaster, foams and concrete are also used. One of the latest varieties of work asked for is styro-resin. Forms are made up in foam and are given a hard skin of sprayed or brushed epoxy. It's advantages come in transporting, cost and installation.
  The sculptures (shown to the left) are in their inital stages, cut in foam. These figures will be clothed in clay, wax or plasticene, which will be divided into sections or piece-molds. These are lifted off the original. The sections will the be rejoined (empty interior) and filled with the desired materials for the finished sculpture. This is then sprayed or brushed with an epoxy or urethane coating.
  Classical methods with hot , poured bronze are used in the most durable and costlier methods. Whichever your organization or society has a need for, The Sculptors Studio can fill your requirements. Our studio has a winning team. In design, engineering and installations, you will find our services pleasing.

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