15.01 - Rates of Pay**     15.02 - Substitution Pay**      15.03 - Reclassification of Position

15.04 - Overpayment of Wages      15.05 - Underpayment of Wages         15.06 - Pay Equity – Salary Protection**

15.01 - Rates of Pay**

(a) An employee shall be paid in accordance with Appendix C. 

(b) Pay cheques shall be directly deposited to an employee's account at a financial institution of his/her choice.


(c) A regular employee and a casual employee who is eligible for benefits under clause 8.03 shall be entitled to have deductions from his/her salary assigned for the purchase of Canada Savings Bonds.


(d) Notification of deposit advices shall be distributed in a confidential manner.


(e) Employees shall be paid semi-monthly. Pay cheques shall be deposited in the employee’s account one complete banking day prior to the 15th and the last day of the month, whenever possible.


(f) If the direct deposit is not available on the pay day, the Employer shall arrange for the employee to be provided with an adequate advance on his/her salary.


15.02 - Substitution Pay**

(a) An employee who temporarily substitutes in or performs the principal duties of another classification shall receive the rate of pay for that classification or his/her regular pay, whichever is greater.


(b) A Chief Officer substituting as Master on a Large Vessel shall be paid at the salary rate of Master, Large Vessel, as outlined in Appendix "C".


(c) An employee travelling to or from an assignment where s/he has substituted to a higher paying position on that day, or will be substituting to a higher paying position on that day, shall be paid for the travel time at the higher rate of pay.


(d) An employee who substitutes into an excluded position shall receive written confirmation of the rate of pay prior to working in the position and shall receive a copy of the applicable job description.


15.03 - Reclassification of Position

An employee shall not have his/her basic salary reduced by reason of a change in the classification of his/her position that is caused other than by the employee him/herself.


15.04 - Overpayment of Wages

(a) Repayment of excess wages paid by the Employer to an employee shall be in the same amounts as the excess was received by the employee for a period not to exceed one year. In the event an employee is terminated, the overpayment shall be recovered from the final pay cheque.


(b) Regular employees shall be provided with one month’s written notice of the Employer's intent to recover any excess payment. The notice shall specify the amount and period of the overpayment, the reason for the overpayment and the method of repayment. In the event of a dispute respecting any overpayment or alleged overpayment, the matter shall be subject to the grievance procedure pursuant to Article 4 and no deduction shall be made from an employee's salary until the dispute has been resolved.


(c) Casual employees shall be provided with 15 days’ written notice of the Employer's intent to recover any excess payment.


15.05 - Underpayment of Wages

When an employee has been underpaid, the Manager, Payroll Production, or designate, shall, within 15 days of being informed of the underpayment, issue to the employee a cheque in the amount of the underpayment.


15.06 - Pay Equity – Salary Protection**

(a) The Parties are committed under the Pay Equity Program to fair and reasonable salary protection for existing employees.


(b) Salary protection shall apply retroactively to September 1, 1994 for employees in the employ of the B.C. Ferry Corporation on November 1, 1994 according to the following:

1. An employee working in a job listed below whose job, under Pay Equity, is evaluated at a lower rate than currently being paid shall have his/her salary protected for as long as s/he remains in that job.

i) Bodily Injury Adjuster

ii) Control Agent

iii) Tourist and Group Representatives - Reservations

iv) Ticket Agents

v) Terminal Cashier

vi) Mail Clerk

vii) Administrative Clerk - Payroll

viii) Information Clerk - Marketing

ix) Ticket Agent - Reservations

x) Cost Control Clerk

xi) Personnel Clerk - Employee Relations

xii) Accounts Payable - Deas Direct Expense

2. An employee who has substituted into the jobs listed in 1. above shall have his/her salary protected for future substitution, casual assignments and appointments to those jobs.

3. In addition, employees who apply through clause 10.06 (of 94-96 Agreement) to reclassify to a job in one of the following career paths: Deck, Engine, Catering, Terminal, Program and Administration, Trades shall do so by March 31, 1995 and shall have his/her salary protected for jobs within that career path.