17.01 - Shift Premiums      17.02 - Shift Premium Entitlement      17.03 - Short Changeover 

17.04 - Exchange of Shifts      17.05 - Employee Required to Change Shift 

17.06 - Split Shifts      17.07 - Graveyard Shifts

17.01 - Shift Premiums

(a) Shifts:

1. First Shift: 0700 to 1659

2. Second Shift: 1700 to 2259

3. Third Shift: 2300 to 0659


(b) Shift Premiums:

1. Second Shift: $0.80 per hour

2. Third Shift: 10% of basic hourly pay for the classification in which the employee is working. An employee may

elect, in writing, to take the graveyard premium in accordance with clause 18.14(a) and (b).


17.02 - Shift Premium Entitlement

(a) Shift premiums shall be paid to an employee for all hours worked on the second and third shifts.


(b) Shift premiums shall apply to overtime and call-back hours worked in conjunction with a shift.


17.03 - Short Changeover

(a) If shifts are scheduled so that there are not 23 hours between the start of an employee's shift and the start of the next shift, overtime rates apply to hours worked on the succeeding shift within the 23 hour period.


(b) Short changeover may be waived with the written consent of the parties.


17.04 - Exchange of Shifts

Employees may exchange shifts, or any part thereof, with the approval of the Employer, provided that, whenever possible, sufficient advance notice in writing is given, and provided that there is no increase in cost to the Employer.


17.05 - Employee Required to Change Shift

(a) In the event that an employee's shift is changed by the Employer without three days' advance notice, the employee shall receive pay at the overtime rate for work performed on the first shift to which s/he is changed. A change in shift is defined as a change in the employee's start time of more than one hour.


(b) Where an employee is required to change shift schedules, there shall be no loss of earned days off. Any days off lost by the shift change shall be banked for future use.


17.06 - Split Shifts

There shall be no split shifts, except as mutually agreed to by the parties to this Agreement.


17.07 - Graveyard Shifts

No employee, without the written permission of the parties, shall be required to work more than six graveyard shifts in an 18 calendar day period.