21.01 - Dirty Money and Heat Money      21.02 - Certificate Allowance

21.03 - Spray Painting      21.04 - Isolation Allowance    21.05 - Pager Premium

21.01 - Dirty Money and Heat Money

If appropriate, a premium of $8.00 per hour, (calculated in one-half hour increments) shall be paid to all employees, in addition to their regular pay, for carrying out the following work:

1. When working in the crankcases of main engines or the crankcases of generators immediately following shutdown of a main engine which has been in full operation for a period of not less than one hour, or when cleaning the crankcases of main engines (payment of the above premium shall not be in excess of eight hours);

2. When cleaning the fire side and tubes of boilers;

3. When spray painting in confined spaces below the main deck;

4. When working on sanitary systems, cleaning choked water-closets and urinal bowls, also choked water-closet and urinal wastelines (all work carried out on the sanitary flushing supply systems to water-closets and urinals shall be paid at the normal hourly rates);

5. When working below the floor plates (bilges and tank-top cleaning in non-machinery spaces shall be paid at the normal hourly rates);

6. When working on main engines or generator engines within two hours of the engine’s shut-down;

7. When working with asbestos;

8. When required to clean up all excrement, vomit or blood in any work area;

9. When engaged in welding or torch-cutting on galvanized material;

10. When required to work in confined spaces (this dirty money premium pay not payable when ventilation is provided to make air conditions come up to the standard as set by the Workers’ Compensation Board);

11. When required to work in spaces that are covered by protective coatings (grease, etc.).

12. With drainage from medical premises (dispensary, sick bay, etc.) via wash basins, wash tubs and scuppers located in such premises;

13. With drainage from spaces containing living animals;

14. With other waste waters when mixed with the drainages defined above;

15. With grey water (drainage from dishwasher, shower, laundry, bath and wash basin);

16. When working on hot lube oil strainers and/or filters which cannot be allowed to cool down properly due to operational requirements that inhibit/restrict the shut down of machinery.


21.02 - Certificate Allowance

An allowance of $100.00 per month shall be paid to all Officers who have certificate(s) of competency superior to existing minimum job specification requirements for their appointed positions, and to all Chief Officers. This is the maximum allowance per month payable under this clause regardless of the level and/or number of certificate(s) of competency. The certificate(s) shall be available to the Employer.


21.03 - Spray Painting

A premium of $2.25 per hour shall be paid to all employees while engaged in spray painting.


21.04 - Isolation Allowance

An isolation allowance of $6.25 per point per month shall be paid to all employees whose points of assembly are Alert Bay, Alliford Bay, Bear Cove, Cortes Island, Hornby Island, Port Hardy, Port McNeill, Prince Rupert or Skidegate. This clause does not apply to employees assigned to live-aboard vessels who do not reside at that point of assembly.


21.05 - Pager Premium

(a) An employee designated to carry a pager outside of his/her scheduled working hours and to be available to return to duty in the event that s/he is called, shall be paid standby pay in the amount of one hour of straight time pay for each four hours of standby. The Employer shall advise the employee of the hours required on standby.


(b) An employee shall have the right to refuse to carry a pager, but once s/he has agreed to carry a pager, s/he is required to answer any pages.


(c) Clause 18.10 shall apply if the employee on standby is called and is required to come into work.


(d) No payment shall be granted if an employee is unable to return for duty when required.


(e) An employee who is able to resolve the problem without leaving his/her home shall be paid overtime for hours worked on the telephone in accordance with clause 18.02(a).