28.01 - Protective Clothing and Safety Equipment   28.02 - Cleaning   28.03 - Union Label   28.04 - Footwear

28.01 - Protective Clothing and Safety Equipment

(a) Where required, the Employer shall supply on an individual basis the following:

1. Hard hats;

2. Safety gloves;

3. Safety or welding goggles and helmets;

4. Respirators;

5. Protective hearing devices;

6. Welders’ leather jackets and aprons;

7. Explosion-proof lights of sufficient number to provide adequate lighting.

8. Personal protective equipment for the safe and efficient delivery of first aid.

9. Once in every 24 month period, $40 per employee towards the cost of prescription safety glasses, where required, for those employees whose jobs are primarily involved with welding or grinding.

(b) Further, where required, the Employer shall make available an adequate supply of the following:- rubber boots, aprons and gloves (when employees are required to wash or clean machinery or equipment).


28.02 - Cleaning

The cost of cleaning, laundering and repairing shall be borne by the Employer for Employer-issued clothing.


28.03 - Union Label

All clothing shall bear a recognized Union label unless a particular item cannot be obtained from a union manufacturer.


28.04 - Footwear

(a) The Employer will continue to provide footwear to all regular employees appointed to licensed positions.

(b) Regular employees in the following classifications will receive an annual allowance in the amount of $60.00 to defray the cost of the footwear. Employees are required to wear footwear with leather uppers substantial to the workplace hazard with durable non-slip soles.

Catering Supervisor Chief Cook Coffee Shop Supervisor

Head Steward 2nd Cook Ticket Agent

Second Steward 3rd Cook Assistant Terminal Agent

Night Steward Galley Helper Parts Handler

Bar Steward Tower Operator Cashier 1, 2, 3

Ticket Attendant Cleaner 1, 2 Foot Passenger Ticket Agent Catering Attendant Building Service Coffee Shop Attendant Terminal Custodian Worker (Head Office) Parking Lot Attendant

(c) Regular employees in the following classifications will receive the allowance specified in (b) above and are required to wear footwear which complies with the Canada Standards Association (CSA) standard, pursuant to the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Assistant Foreperson Technical Storesperson Driver

Engine Room Assistant Deckhand Launch Operator

Stockperson Tradesperson Trades Helper Chargehand Labourer Building Services Worker Dock Repair Worker Apprentice Yardsperson Partsperson Terminal Attendant 1, 2 Terminal Supervisor Hostler Waste Water Equipment Operator Safety Officer Treatment Plant Operator