29.01 - Hours of Work   29.02 - Shift Schedules   29.03 - Meal Breaks and Rest Periods

29.04 - Call-back (Live-aboard Vessels only)   29.05 - Vacations   29.06 - Vacation Pay

29.07 - Refit and Drydock   29.08 - Crews on Live-aboard Vessels**   29.09 - Travel Leave (Live-aboard Vessels)

29.10 - Optional Transportation   29.11 - Differential Pay when on Leave   29.12 - Compensatory Time Off

29.13 - Point of Assembly   29.14 - Casual Employees

29.01 - Hours of Work

(a) The work day shall be one of the following:

1. Watchkeepers of "A", "B", "C" or "D" Watch may collectively choose any arrangement of:

i) 6 hours on, 6 hours off;

ii) 8 hours on, 4 hours off, 4 hours on, 8 hours off;

iii) 9 hours on, 3 hours off, 3 hours on/9 hours off;

iv) 12 hours on, 12 hours off.

Chief Engineers shall relieve for meals where the above arrangement changes present procedure in the Engineering department.


2. Twelve hours in a spread of 15 hours with a break of no less than three consecutive hours.


3. Twelve hour shifts.

(b) All hours worked in excess of the above shall be paid at the overtime rate.

(c) Employees shall not have the right to refuse overtime required for the completion of the regularly scheduled number of trips or for emergency runs.

(d) An employee working on a 14-on-14-off schedule shall receive a differential of 29% in addition to his/her basic pay; an employee working on a 4-on-4-off schedule shall receive a differential of 27% in addition to his/her basic pay. An employee who substitutes in another classification shall receive the basic pay and differential for that classification or

his/her regular pay and differential, whichever is greater. These schedules are inclusive of the allowance for designated paid holidays.


29.02 - Shift Schedules

Shift schedules for employees working on a 12 hour operation shall be on a ratio of 1:1.


29.03 - Meal Breaks and Rest Periods


1. All employees working a 12 hour shift shall be entitled to have a paid meal break of one hour's duration as close to the middle of the shift as practicable.


2. Employees shall also be entitled to a second paid meal break of one hour's duration after working 13 consecutive hours on any shift.


3. The Employer shall pay the cost of meals and accommodation on live-aboard vessels.



1. Rest periods shall be 15 minutes and taken without loss of regular pay to the employee.


2. Rest periods may be taken two hours after commencing a shift and at subsequent two hour intervals during the work day.


(c) Employees required to work their meal break shall be paid at overtime rates for the meal break, and shall be given their meal break with regular pay at another time in the work day.


29.04 - Call-back (Live-aboard Vessels only)

Any employee called out for duty outside his/her regular scheduled hours shall receive a minimum of three hours pay at straight-time or overtime rates for all hours worked, whichever is greater.


29.05 - Vacations

(a) Where an employee is granted vacation pursuant to this Agreement, the minimum annual vacation entitlement shall be 14 12 hour days for 14 day watch periods and 16 12 hour days for four day watch periods.


(b) Where a regular employee is entitled to more than minimum vacation, the difference between his/her vacation entitlement and the minimum vacation entitlement may be taken as leave at a later date by mutual agreement.


29.06 - Vacation Pay

Payment for vacations shall be made at an employee’s regular pay with differential.


29.07 - Refit and Drydock

Employees working on live-aboard vessels during the refit period, who live at home, shall receive a flat rate of $10.00 per day extra to offset shore expenses, plus an allowance for one meal in the middle of their work day, provided no meals are supplied on board the vessel.


29.08 - Crews on Live-aboard Vessels**

(a) Crew members working on live-aboard vessels shall be supplied with blankets, mattresses, pillows and bolster covers. The bolster cover shall be cleaned at the Employer’s expense at least twice per year. Mattresses shall be cleaned or replaced once per year at the Employer's expense.


(b) A clean supply of linen shall also be supplied once per week with a minimum of two sheets, two pillow cases, two hand towels, four bath towels and two face cloths.


(c) Where the Employer assigns single occupancy crew quarters to employees who are non-officer employees, such crew quarters shall be assigned on the basis of service seniority, provided that this does not result in an assignment where employees of the opposite gender will share a cabin.


29.09 - Travel Leave (Live-aboard Vessels)

Employees on live-aboard vessels shall be granted two days’ leave with regular pay for the purposes of travel under the following circumstances:

1. Once per calendar year for leave claimed under clause 26.02;

2. Once per calendar year for leave claimed under clause 26.03.


29.10 - Optional Transportation

(a) The Employer shall provide return transportation for all employees working on live-aboard vessels between their regular point of assembly and their temporary point of assembly.

(b) As an alternative to the air transportation provided, the employee may elect to travel to and from Bear Cove in his/her own vehicle. In such cases, the Employer shall reimburse each employee with $75 for a return trip.


29.11 - Differential Pay when on Leave

(a) Notwithstanding any other references in this Agreement, regular employees on 12 hour vessels shall be paid regular pay plus differential in the following circumstances:

1. Vacations;

2. S.T.I.I.P.;

3. Workers’ Compensation;

4. Court Appearances under 26.07 (a), 26.07 (d) and 26.07 (e);

5. First Aid Certificate leave;

6. MED Certificate leave;

7. Negotiations.

(b) In all other circumstances the differential shall not be paid.


29.12 - Compensatory Time Off

(a) An employee may elect to accumulate compensatory time off in blocks of 168 hours.

(b) An employee, upon accumulating 168 hours of compensatory time off, shall, subject to qualified relief being available, use the compensatory time off within six months.

(c) Where the employee does not use the 168 hours within six months, it shall be scheduled or paid out in cash at the discretion of the Employer.


29.13 - Point of Assembly

(a) The point of assembly for live-aboard vessels is Prince Rupert Terminal.

(b) Where the Employer provides transportation to a temporary point of assembly, the requirement to pay travel time or mileage is waived. Optional transportation shall be compensated as per clause 29.10.

(c) Employees may change over in Port Hardy provided:

1. the employees have provided sufficient written notice;

2. the employees are in the same classification;

3. there is no increased cost to the Employer.


29.14 - Casual Employees

(a) Casual employees working on 12 hour vessels shall be paid at the daily rate for all regularly scheduled 12 hour shifts worked. The daily rate is to be basic pay plus differential. This clause does not apply to casual employees covered by the hours of work under clause 16.04.

(b) While away from his/her point of assembly, a casual employee working on a live-aboard vessel shall be entitled to work the same number of hours as if s/he were a regular employee in the same classification.