32.01 - Group Seniority Schedule**   32.02 Professional Standards Committee**

32.03 - Clearance to Sail**   32.04 - No Painting**   32.05 - Certificate Requirements**

32.01 - Group Seniority Schedule**



Group A






Group B






Group D





Group E






Group F






Group H




Group I



Masters (Large Vessel)

 Masters (Minor Vessel)

 Masters (Intermediate Vessel)

 Chief Officers ("S" & "P" Class Vessel)

 Chief Officers (Large Vessel)

 Second Officer/Relief/Chief Officer

 ASTO Mate/Relief Master


 Mates (Intermediate Vessel)

 Mates (Minor Vessel)

 Second and Third Officers ("S" & "P" Class Vessel)

 Second, Third and Fourth Officers (Large Vessel)



 Senior Chief Engineers ("S" & "P" Class Vessel)

 Senior Chief Engineers (Large Vessel)

 Senior Chief Engineers (Intermediate Vessel)

 Chief Engineers ("S" & "P" Class Vessel)

 Chief Engineers (Large Vessel)



 Senior Chief Engineers (Minor Vessel)

 Chief Engineers (Intermediate Vessel)

 Chief Engineers (Minor Vessel)

 First Engineers ("S" & "P" Class Vessel)

 First Engineers (Large Vessel)

 Second Engineers (Northern Vessel)



 Third Engineers ("S" & "P" Class Vessel)

 Third Engineers (Large Vessel)

 Third Engineers (Intermediate Vessel)

 Third Engineers (Minor Vessel)



 Deck Engineer

 Ship’s Electrician



 Chief Steward

 Chief Steward 2

 Senior Chief Steward

 Customer Service Officer

32.02 Professional Standards Committee**

(a) There shall be a Professional Standards Committee comprising not less than three Engineer Officers and three Deck Officers from various geographic areas appointed by the Union and such representatives as are appointed by the Employer.


(b) The Committee shall meet, under clause 2.11 of the Collective Agreement, not less than three times annually, and shall consider and make recommendations on all aspects of professional standards.


(c) The Professional Standards Committee may also discuss and make recommendations regarding the number and location of career development positions and training requirements for Deck and Engineer Officers that will best meet the Corporation’s operational needs, as identified in the succession plan.


32.03 - Clearance to Sail**

(a) On completion of the annual refit of any vessel, no vessel shall be required to sail until the on-watch Chief Engineer and Master of the vessel give indication that they are satisfied with the condition of the vessel.


(b) Scheduled refit periods shall include a suitable period of time for adequate checking and clean-up of the vessel. The Senior Chief Engineer on the refit shall have the authority to supervise any work done by outside contractors during the refit. Such work shall not be cleared until the Superintendent or his/her designate is satisfied that the job is suitably



32.04 - No Painting**

All Officers shall have the right to refuse to polish bright work, or chip, scale or paint, and shall not be subject to disciplinary action for refusing.


32.05 - Certificate Requirements**

(a) A regular employee who has his/her certificate requirements changed as a result of a change of a vessel shall have his/her position protected by recognition of the appropriate regulatory authority's approved lesser certificate(s) for the new vessel.


(b) Existing regular employees who hold their present position as a result of recognition of a lesser certificate than the Employer requirement found in the selection criteria shall continue to have these lesser certificate(s) recognized for their current positions.