33.01 - Duration of Contract**   33.02 - Notice to Bargain**   33.03 - Commencement of Bargaining

33.04 - Change in Agreement   33.05 - Agreement to Continue in Force   33.06 - Copies of Agreement

33.01 - Duration of Contract**

The Collective Agreement shall be binding and be in effect until midnight, October 31, 2003.


33.02 - Notice to Bargain**

(a) This agreement may be opened for collective bargaining by either party giving written notice to the other party on or after June 30, 2003, but in any event, not later than midnight September 1, 2003. 

(b) Where no notice is given by either party prior to September 1, 2003 both parties shall be deemed to have been given notice under this clause on September 1, 2003, and thereupon clause 33.03 of this Article applies


(c) All notices on behalf of the Union shall be given by the President of the Union and similar notices on behalf of the Employer shall be given by the Vice President, Human Resources, British Columbia Ferry Corporation.


33.03 - Commencement of Bargaining

Where a party to this Agreement has given notice under clause 32.02, the parties shall, within ten days after the notice was given, commence collective bargaining.


33.04 - Change in Agreement

Any change deemed necessary in this Agreement may be made by mutual agreement by the parties at any time during the life of this Agreement.


33.05 - Agreement to Continue in Force

Both parties shall adhere fully to the terms of this Agreement during the period of bona fide collective bargaining.


33.06 - Copies of Agreement

The Union and the Employer desire every employee to be familiar with the provisions of this Agreement and his/her rights and obligations under it. For this reason, the parties agree to equally share the costs associated with printing sufficient copies of the Agreement.