7.01 - Staffing Pools      7.02 - Point of Assembly      7.03 - Work Schedules      7.04 - Standby on a Holiday

7.05 - Standby Pay      7.06 - Standby Hours      7.07 - Work on a 10 or 12 Hour Vessel

7.01 - Staffing Pools

(a) Staffing Pools are maintained where the absence of an employee may interrupt service.


(b) The Employer shall maintain Staffing Pools at the following locations:

1. Tsawwassen;

2. Swartz Bay;

3. Nanaimo;

4. Horseshoe Bay;

5. Langdale;

6. Gulf Islands.


(c) The Staffing Pool ratio shall be one Staffing Pool employee for each five employees on Routes 1, 2, 3 and 9 and the terminals attached thereto. It is understood that this ratio may have to be revised as experience and usage dictate.


(d) It is understood that Staffing Pools are not required for clerical and administrative occupations, but the Employer recognizes that replacements should be provided when such employees are on vacation.


7.02 - Point of Assembly

It is agreed that Staffing Pool personnel shall not normally be required to work away from their regular point of assembly. However, in emergency circumstances there may be a requirement to utilize Staffing Pool personnel from another point of assembly.


7.03 - Work Schedules

Staffing Pool employees shall be scheduled on the same basic ratio of work days and days off as is common to their individual classification. Work schedules for Staffing Pool employees shall be given for either 36 days in the case of 12-on-6-off employees, or 30 days for all other employees. Schedules shall be provided in writing seven days in advance. Where it is necessary that the schedule of an individual employee be altered to meet operational requirements, the employee shall be entitled to the penalty pays which accrue under clauses 17.03 and 17.05.


7.04 - Standby on a Holiday

Staffing Pool employees who are required to be on standby on a paid holiday shall receive the prevailing rate of overtime for that day.


7.05 - Standby Pay

Staffing Pool employees on standby shall be compensated one daysí regular pay for 12 hours standby. Where the time spent on standby is followed by a full shift or portion thereof to be worked, employees shall be compensated at the straight-time rate for all hours of standby in the proportion of one hoursí pay for each four hours of standby in addition to their normal daysí pay, with a minimum of one hoursí standby.


7.06 - Standby Hours

(a) A Staffing Pool employee shall be required to stand by on his/her scheduled days on duty for 12 hours, which shall commence at 0600 and end at 1800 hours.


(b) A Staffing Pool employee shall not be required to work on a day in which s/he has completed 12 hours on standby.


7.07 - Work on a 10 or 12 Hour Vessel

(a) Staffing Pool employees who work on 10 or 12 hour vessels shall receive their normal daily rate of pay for each 10 or 12 hour shift worked, plus the 10 or 12 hour differential.


(b) Staffing Pool employees who work on 10 or 12 hour vessels shall receive one earned day off for each 10 or 12 hour day worked.


(c) When substituting in a higher paying classification, Staffing Pool employees shall also receive substitution pay as follows:

1. Difference between normal hourly pay rate and the hourly pay rate of the higher classification multiplied by the number of hours.