9.01 - Commitment      9.02 - Apprenticeship Advisory Committee     9.03 - Apprenticeships  

9.01 - Commitment

An apprenticeship program shall be maintained to meet the Employer’s requirements as identified in its succession plan. The Employer shall prepare and publish a full succession plan within 12 months of the signing of the Collective Agreement.


9.02 - Apprenticeship Advisory Committee

(a) An Apprenticeship Advisory Committee shall be composed of four Union and four Employer representatives. The terms of clause 2.11 shall apply.


(b) The role of the Apprenticeship Advisory Committee shall be to assist in the development of an apprenticeship program and to monitor the progress of apprentices through the program.


(c) The Corporation shall nominate Union and Employer members of the Apprenticeship Advisory Committee to sit on Provincial Trades Advisory Committees.


9.03 - Apprenticeships

(a) Apprenticeship opportunities shall be filled in accordance with clause 10.10.


(b) Employees wishing to be considered for an apprenticeship opportunity must submit a written application and be assessed as fully meeting all selection criteria for the apprenticeship opportunity. Those not successful in this process will not be eligible for the apprenticeship opportunity.


(c) An employee assessed as fully meeting all selection criteria for the apprenticeship shall be provided with training in accordance with the Provincial Apprenticeship Board requirements. Employees must also enter into an agreement with the Corporation to continue to provide work to the Corporation upon the successful completion of the



(d) An apprentice shall be entitled to Education Leave in accordance with clause 25.03(a).


(e) An apprentice shall have his/her performance monitored against established performance standards at regular intervals throughout the apprenticeship. Apprentices will receive written confirmation of the results of their performance.


(f) An apprentice who does not successfully meet the performance standards, and who was employed by the Corporation prior to commencing the apprenticeship, shall be placed in a position with an equal rate of pay to the employee’s former position.


(g) An apprentice who fully meets the performance standards, as per (e) above, and who successfully completes the apprenticeship shall be appointed to a position within the Corporation for which s/he has been trained. The employee shall continue to work for the Corporation for a period of time equivalent to that of the apprenticeship. Where the

employee resigns prior to the completion of this equivalent work time, the employee shall pay the Corporation a prorated amount of the cost of the apprenticeship.


(h) An apprentice shall be paid in accordance with the rate of pay appropriate to his/her classification.