APPENDIX "A" Actions Detrimental to the Welfare of the Union



APPENDIX "A" Actions Detrimental to the Welfare of the Union

ACTIONS detrimental to the welfare of the Union shall include a member who:

1. wilfully and knowingly violates any of the provisions of the Constitution or violates established Union policy;

2. obtains membership through fraudulent means or by misrepresentation;

3. institutes action in a Court of Law against the Union or any of its Officers, in respect of any matter concerning the affairs of the Union, without first reasonably utilizing all the forms of appeal provided in the Constitution;

4. attempts to bring about the withdrawal from the Union of any member or group of members other than through procedures set out in this Constitution;

5. works in the interests of any organization competing with the Union in a manner which is detrimental to the Union;

6. fraudulently receives or misappropriates any property of the Union;

7. uses, without authority, the name of the Union for soliciting funds or advertising;

8. without receiving proper authority to do so, furnishes a complete or partial list of the membership of the Union to any person or persons other than those whose official position entitles them to have such a list;

9. wrongfully interferes with any officer or any accredited Representative of the Union in the discharge of his/her duties.

10. circulates reports designed or calculated to injure or weaken the B.C. Ferry and Marine Workers' Union;

11. refuses to comply with a Constitutional order of the Union;

12. crosses the picket line;

13. refuses to participate in picket duty.

14. violates the Code of Conduct while representing the Union and/or attending a Union function.

15. orders or coerces any other member to work in violation of the terms of the Collective Agreement, or to work without receiving all benefits due under the Agreement.


Interaction between BC Ferry & Marine Workers’ Union members and others must be based on mutual respect, cooperation, and understanding. Harassment creates feelings of uneasiness, humiliation, and discomfort. For the purpose of the policy, harassment can be defined as any unwelcome action by any person whether verbal or physical, on a single or repeated basis, which ridicules, humiliates, insults or degrades. “Unwelcome” or “unwanted” in this context means any action which the harasser knows or ought reasonably to know is not desired by the victim of the harassment. The policy encompasses, but is not limited to, harassment around issues of race (i.e. comments, slurs and jokes), politics, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities as well as sexual harassment (unwanted attention of a sexual

nature such as remarks about appearance or personal life, graffiti or degrading pictures, physical contact or sexual demands).

The BC Ferry & Marine Workers’ Union will neither tolerate nor condone any behaviour which is likely to undermine the dignity or self-esteem of an individual, or create an intimidating or offensive environment.

There are two principles that are fundamental to the union movement: human rights and solidarity. Harassment strikes at the heart of both. As unionists we must work to protect rights, not take them away.

Union principles prohibit us from infringing on the human rights of others, and oblige us to stand with those whose rights are under attack in order to defend those rights for all of us.

The BC Ferry & Marine Workers’ Union considers harassment of any kind a serious offence. Complaints of harassment should be reported to the Ranking Elected Officer at the activity where the harassment occurs to be investigated in an expeditious manner. A substantiated complaint may result in the removal of

the harasser from the event.


1. This is to certify that the ballot box was empty prior to balloting at Local

_____ on this date ________________________.





2. THIS is to certify that the ballot box was locked and sealed in my presence after the closing


of balloting at Local ______ on this date ___________________.






(a) Form of Credentials submitted by Local to the Credential Committee:

“To the Credentials Committee of the B.C. Ferry and Marine Workers' Union". This is to certify that ______________has been duly elected to represent Local ____ as an official delegate to this ______________Convention of the Union, and it is also certified that the number of active members of the above local at ______________ 20 _______ pursuant to headquarters

records was _________(number of members). Number of delegates authorized pursuant to Article ______Section ________of the Constitution."

To be signed by the Chairperson and Secretary

(b) Form of Credential issued to all members attending Conventions or

Bargaining Conferences:

"This is to certify that _________________is a delegate by right to this Convention of the Union."