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Licensed Job Evaluation Salary Grid Revisions

The British Columbia Ferry Corporation will commit a maximum of $221,000 and any other monies that may be available from the .25% of regular employee base payroll, as set out in Industrial Inquiry Commissioner Ready’s recommendation, of December 15, 1999 to adjust the Licensed job evaluation salary grid. Adjustments to the grid will occur within 60 days of ratification of the Collective Agreement. A Joint Licensed Working Committee, comprised of two members appointed by each side, will make grid modification decisions by consensus.


Furthermore, the parties agree to introduce new salary steps within each grade level. The salary steps, the method of movement through the steps and the salary administration rules including issues of salary protection will be determined by the Committee.


Any savings realized through introduction of salary steps along with an additional $175,000 committed by the Corporation through the Workforce Development Accord will be made available to the Joint Committee on November 1, 2001. Such funds will be utilized by the Committee to further adjust the salary grid and/or make adjustments to other aspects of the Licensed job evaluation plan.


The parties agree that this Letter of Understanding modifies Appendix "A" Issues Related to the Ships’ Officers Component in Industrial Inquiry Commissioner Ready;s recommendation, of December 15, 1999 [Subsection B. Staffing Pool/ASTO Relief; Salary Adjustment]. In particular, the maximum salary adjustment of $100 per month for the positions of Second Officer/Relief Chief Officer and ASTO Mate/Relief Mate will not occur. Salary adjustments for these positions will be determined by the Committee in accordance with the comprehensive review of the Licensed salary grid, and will be funded through the funding framework identified herein.


Any disputes regarding the application of this Letter of Understanding shall be heard by one of the two following Classification Umpires;

Joe Surich    John Kinsey