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The following blogroll contains links to the sites and blogs that are used to develop articles for the Non-Profit Technical Information & Support List.

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This page contains a complete listing of my linkroll (on the right sidebar), my blogroll (on the left sidebar) from Bloglines and a link list drawn from my browser bookmark file.

These are the links that I use. Some of them many times everyday, some of them only once or twice a year. The commonality is that I do use them, to do work, to inform myself, to catch a chuckle. I hope that they are of some value to you.

(Be aware that some of these links may lead you to a place that "you" find inappropriate.)

This page of links was created with the help of linkaGoGo, an online favorites manager and bookmarking application and Xenu's Link Sleuth, a link checking application.

Critical Links

These links are "critical" to me and the work that I do, they may be useful to you and your agency. They also appear in My linkroll.

Links links are a way of sharing interests and information that is found on the web. Take a look at the following linkroll at

The images used as backgrounds on this website are details from one of Robert Hemphill's neoglyphics.