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System Administration, and Website development / Webmangement, including Website & Email Strategies, Design, Training, & Implementation, primarily for Non-Profits.

System Administration

Non-profit organizations need to administer their hardware, software and networks but often lack the skill, experience and time that these tasks require. Vickery Consulting offers contracts to undertake these tasks and to be available for the inevitable problems. From installing new computers to ensuring that the network is working efficiently and safely to the resolution of software problems Vickery Consulting will be available for regularly scheduled maintenance and emergency calls.

A major part of System Administration is performing audits of anti-virus / anti-spyware software and firewalls to protect your system against damage. This service has come to be a required part of the day to day operations of any organization due the extremely high numbers of sophisticated virus and spyware attacks.
For more information about anti-virus / anti-spyware software and firewalls audits.


Website development / Webmangement,

Websites and email lists require regular updating and maintenance. Changes in the server or revisions of the information contained in the pages may require extensive reformatting of a website. New or changed email addresses need to be updated on a regular basis.


Website & Email Strategies

Internet and email strategies are an area in which many non-profits require assistance. They need to sit down with a consultant and think through the issues of communicating with their stakeholders, members, clients, staff, volunteers, funders and the general public.

What is meant by an Website & Email Strategy?

An website/email strategy can be defined as how a community group uses the website and/or email to communicate with its stakeholders. A good strategy addresses the following issues:

  • Who are we addressing? Our members, our clients, our staff, our volunteers, our funders, the general public or some combination of these groups?

  • What do we wish to tell them? About our services? Our events? Our fundraising needs?

  • Where will we tell them? In an email? On a website? In an enewsletter?

  • When will we address them? Once a year? Every month? Only before major events?

  • Why will we address them? What response do we want from them? Donations? Support letters? Volunteer time?

  • And how will we tell them? Will we communicate different things to different groups? Or give everyone the same information and let them choose what they are interested in?

In answering these questions and others, such as:
  • How much will it cost?
  • What resources will the group need to bring to the process?
  • How complex a strategy should be created?
  • What kind of timeline should be considered?
The community group and consultant will be able to design the strategy that most suits the needs and resources of the non-profit.


Website & Email Design

Website & Email Design is the process by which develop the means the community group uses to carries out its strategy. This may include building a website, database, developing an online donation application or service, creating email lists to contact stakeholder, writing templates to mail merge with email lists. Developing procedures for collecting email addresses and other contact information that can then be used to build databases is critical part of the design process.


Website & Email Training

Training of staff and volunteers is crucial to an effective Internet & Email strategy. The ability to maintain and update websites is a function that many Non-Profits fail at (we have all seen or heard of the out of date AGM Announcement that no one in the office knows how to delete). Staff and volunteers must be able to quickly and easily manage their website, databases, and email lists if the strategy is to be effective and provide a reasonable cost\benefit ratio.


Website & Email Implementation

Websites and email lists do not appear overnight or without planning. Careful planning, design and implementation will result in a strategy that does not sit on a shelf gathering dust but becomes an integral part of the day-to-day operations of an organization. Implementation also involves the testing and fine tuning of the strategy and tools used to enact it.


Vickery Consulting is able to assist with all of these issues and looks forward to working with you. To arrange for a free consultation regarding the development of a Internet & Email Strategy or a system administration contract, please call or write.

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