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Whalco Developments ... Software Development for Broadcasting

VTR/Swr Control

A record timer to start recording 20 seconds early.
This program will also switch the Leitch Router to the appropriate source for the VTR.
The timer can handle up to 8 VTR's and has error checking and warnings to prevent missed records.
Another version was developed which had capability for 16 VTR's with individual control of each of the Image Video router feeds (Video, 2x audio, Time Code).
This version also could be setup to record up to 5 separate records on each VTR, unattended.


IP Control

A leitch 8 x 8 A/V Router was controlled over the Network (saving the cost of the control panels).

(Simulated Feed of Bridge Camera)
... Click green play button (2 times) to start ...
A Video switcher (linked with a 'Sling Box") was remotely controlled over the Web.
The control also limited the activation time of the "Sling Box" to 10 minutes (to save internet bandwidth usage)

Misc Controls

The Satellite dish controller, and the Audio file player are just a sample of many other projects

Virtual VTR's

This Virtual VTR panel was built to facilitate testing the VTR/Swr Control software.
It saved having to have up to 16 VTR's running as I wrote & trouble shooted the software

Protocol Testers

These testers allowed me to check the protocol for the Image Video Router before writing the software, even though the Router was about 400 miles away.
I asked the client to enter some settings and then email the log file back to me.
This enabled me to check that I received the correct responses from the Router.
Later the testers were used as I wrote the software. I have also built numerous protocol testers for other systems.

Leitch Switcher Control

A simple control panel was needed for Automation control of the Broadcast feed.
This control has GPI Input/Outputs, timer controls, and Log recordings.
It drives a Leitch VR300 video Commercial Server


Satellite IRD Control

The Satellite receivers/IRD's were all located in a remote head end.
Remote software was developed to change only the parameters which the operators needed.
This allowed fast setup without errors. The setup boxes for the different IRD's were all virtually the same operational layout.

The Satellite receiver control was for a Standard Receiver and was written to be Windows 2000/XP compatable.


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