Version 1.0

Unname removes the name of a file, leaving only the extension. Since Windows hides certain extensions (namely LNK and URL), removing the name of such a file would leave it nameless, or unnamed. This is ideal for completely hiding the filename of a shortcut on the desktop.

However, there are some limitations. Only one unnamed file of a certain extension is allowed per folder. For example, there cannot be two unnamed LNK files in the same folder. To solve this, see the VirtualPlastic article on removing icon names (offsite link). Also, only files with hidden extensions can be successfully unnamed. These extensions are: LNK, URL, PIF, SCF, CNF, DESKLINK, and MYDOCS.

The zipped package is 1kb. Extract, run, and follow the on-screen instructions. Feel free to email Undefined if you have any feedback or questions.

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