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Courses & Workshops & More...

Courses and workshops provide inexpensive opportunities to learn, practice, and meet others who share your interests. They are a great place for re-charging your enthusiasm. Once we begin sharing, you'll be surprised to discover how much you already know.
Over the years, I've offered several through Okanagan College's Continuing Studies and, more recently, through the Shatford Centre/Okanagan School of the Arts. I'm taking a bit of a break, but check their websites to see what others are offering.

Starting Wednesday, September 14, we're exploring what kind of writing group the community's looking for. Drop in at the Shatford Centre (on Main, across from the library/museum, right next to Pen Hi) from 7 to 9. We've booked the space on the third Wednesday of every second month (so the third Wednesday of November, January, March, May) and what we'll do at those get-togethers will depend on what writers are interested in doing. We might offer some workshops or guest speaker sessions in the other months... Bring a toonie to help cover the room fee, and another toonie if you'd like a tea or coffee, and join us! .