I know that some of you may ask yourself , “why does an AC Model Boats Hull cost $10 or $20 more than most Hulls manufactured”?  Here are a few of the reasons why:

·I use only the best Resins and Gel Coats that are available to me.

·Hull and Deck are joined in the mold with mat and resin wet on wet so there is no chance of a “weak” Secondary Bond.

·I use only the best Marine Birch Wood that is available to me throughout the Hull.

·All race version Hull and Decks are also reinforced with a Stringer under the Deck that joins to the Engine Rails with a Bulkhead that makes an AC Model Boat bulletproof. 

·All Hulls are customer prepped before shipped which include:

üSharp edges and sharp Fiberglass strands are all sanded and removed.

üHatches and other Fiberglass parts are all shaped and sanded for the best fit possible.

üAll Gel Coat finishes are buffed to a durable Mirror like shine.

Thank you for considering purchasing an AC Model Boat. I am sure you will be happy with your purchase and it will give you many years of enjoyment and pleasure.


Andy Stishenko

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