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A bit about us!

Hi there, this is Andy from A.C. Model Boats. 
If you do not have a hobby and are looking you should consider model boating. 
99.9% of all model boaters are some of the greatest people in the world. 
They are ready to help a new modeler and will give a hand to their competitors if they break something on race day. 
I started running boats in the early 1980's and loved it. There is nothing quite like it. 
The speed and the noise had me hooked but getting quality hulls proved to be a challenge. 
Owning and operating an automotive customizing shop which made a lot of fiberglass parts for vehicles for the previous 10 years gave me the experience and techniques required to make excellent quality molds and parts.

In 1983 I gave up the hot-rod life to be a retail hobby store owner. 
Trying to get quality fiberglass model boats was a real problem. I needed hulls for customers as well as myself. 
Because there was a market for quality hulls, the designing started. 
Once I had a couple of hulls that worked all I could think about was racing. 
My first race was a real eye opener. I met the friendliest modelers and I was totally hooked. 
Speed, noise, and the camaraderie was unsurpassed. What else can a person ask for? 
As the years passed and the sales of A.C. Model Boats became greater. I had to make a choice in my life and the boats won. Now this is the only thing I do.

I enjoy manufacturing all the hulls myself and find research and development the most enjoyable which ensures every customer gets a top quality product.
After years of designing many hulls and winning many Regional and National events I have found there is a compromise between speed and real rough water ability. 
High power verses low power/stock engines.

When purchasing a hull there are some considerations to look at prior to your decision;

These are some of the things that you must consider. 
Think first when making a choice! 
Usually something fast and on the edge is extremely exciting to drive but if you race in really rough water you will want a hull that is more locked to the water. 
If by chance you do not see something that interests you, check back from time to time, as there is always something new in the works. 
You will see for yourself  the superior quality from the high gloss Gel Coat finish on the outside to the brushed in gloss finish on the inside. 
If you have any questions, just call and let me know what kind of power plant you have and I'll suggest the right hull for you. 
If we do not have a hull for your application, we will tell you so and point you in the right direction so you can enjoy this great hobby.

Historically, copies or copied boat hulls will never perform as well as an original. 
Beware of copies and never let anyone copy or splash your hull, no matter the manufacture. 
Not only would it not run quite like the original, it will more then likely damage it in the mold making process. 
It takes time, money, extensive testing, and dedication to the sport to produce a good looking and great handling hull.

    Lastly, I am a one man operation. I only ask for your patience. Good things come to those that wait....

     - Andy - 
P.S. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Having you love my boats is as sweet as it gets....
    "If you have a Hull on order through one of my dealers please don't hesitate to call me after 3:00pm PST to check production status of your boat and also an estimated date of when it will be shipped"