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A.C. Hull Theory


At AC Model Boats, designing high quality hulls that are great looking, easy to setup, and to drive is my ultimate goal. 
This is so the best people in the world, our customers, can fully enjoy this great hobby.



    These hulls have a high lift design enabling the hull to achieve high speed on low Nitro fuel or stock engines. This hull design will NEVER hook or tighten up in the corners and has no tendencies of chine walk. That is the reason the MAGNUM SERIES hulls are winning Regional and National championships world wide.


    Over the years I have had requests for hulls that can run in rougher water conditions than the Magnum Hulls. The A.C. DEEP VEES have sharp keels and a minimum Vee of 18 degrees. If you are looking for a real rough water hull, then these are for you.


    Designing Cat hulls that are easy to drive proved to be a bit of a task. I found Cats that corner smooth sacrificed a little down the straight but a race course has corners and offshore class, which is fun and exciting, has two left hand corners as well, so cornering is important. Designing hulls is the most enjoyable part of the hobby for me. So the quest was on to create a Cat that would make perfect corners every time, no matter what the water conditions through at you. After a few prototypes a Cat is now available that will never hook a corner and can run in windy rough water. This Cat is the Blast Cat 40. An absolute must for the sport boater or for the serious racer using the power of the Zenoah G260PUM or Quick Draw 25.


    Our PRO 40 II is a superior racing hull for 7.5 sport hydro class or is just an absolute must for the sport boater. The PRO 40 II is fast, stable and smooth as silk threw the corners. For either rough or calm water, the PRO 40 II is a winner. A.C. MODEL BOATS also produces a PRO 40 I. This hull is slightly faster in the calm water. It shares the same cowl as the PRO 40 II, but the sponsons are different. Both hulls are of superior quality and easy to assemble.


    I have to admit that I used to be a die hard Nitro racer and had a hard time getting interested in gas until 1992 when I saw some gas hulls run. They were big, slow and extremely poor handling. After seeing that I kind of felt sorry for the gas boaters knowing I could design something that would go much faster without chine walking and hooking in the corners.

    The first thing I tried was to install a G23 into a MAGNUM 67. After a week of testing to find the perfect hardware and setup I was hitting speeds of 49 to 50 mph. But the boat looked ridiculous for the old style fan, the G23PUM's stuck way out and this would not do. So a new hull with slightly more freeboard came to market and given the name of WILD THING. A great looking offshore style hull. Since that time the G23 Zenoah got smaller and smaller and now it would fit in the Magnum 67 with a bubble-style hatch. Now A.C. Model Boats has two G23 Gas mono hulls that are incredibly fast. Testing a few different G23's I found that engines modified to produce torque instead of RPM as in the B H Hanson Indy would yield great speeds. Using these engines, Magnum 67 and Wild Thing owners would call telling me that they were hitting speeds of 55 to 60+ mph. with the occasional call of 65+ mph..

    After the G23 testing I thought I should give the much heavier water cooled Homelite engine a try. After a few designs I had a super high lift hull. This was the only way I could get 49 mph. consistently out of a 30 cc Homelite. This hull is the VISION, a modern offshore style hull. Once the word got out that I was working on gas hulls, I had requests for hulls that would run good using stock trimmer engines. While the Wild Thing worked excellent with lots of speed and good handling, there was no way to cover the engine with the hatch for the engine just stuck out too high. The Vision ran super as well with air cooled engines but the hatch would not fit. So I designed a high sided version called the SPECTOR.


      With the love of designing the research and development never stops. A G23PUM Zenoah has been installed into the Lazer 40's  and ran 50 MPH. Don Betz and Matthew Waldron of M&D Design Racing, ran a modified G260 PUM in a modified Lazer 40 in Huntsville, Alabama at the SAW (Straight-a-Way) event in 2003 at a blazing speed of 75.402 MPH.


    A new engine with even more power has been developed, the Quick Draw 25cc. To handle this power the Lazer 45 was now necessary. Today there are Zenoah G260PUM's that are being modified to produce over 6 horse power and the Lazer 45 is taking every bit if it and coming back asking for more.


    As far as the sport boater on a budget goes, I have not forgotten about you. The Sport 45A is a fast hull, easy to set up, and runs awesome with the air cooled trimmer engines.


- Andy -