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 That's right everybody, once again it's that time of year...

Hey folks! I will be performing seven gigs over five days along with a variety of musical friends such as Nathan Powell, Rick Chapman, Kyle Taylor, Tina Kelly, Craig McIlveen and more! Sure, everybody celebrates St. Paddy's Day one day a year - I figure why not make it a five day celebration - finally, a work week that involves dancing and drinking! This year I'll be performing as part of the Vancouver Celticfest - Nathan and I played for their volunteer party a few weeks ago and had a blast, so I'm sure looking forward to the actual festival. Then we'll wrap up our festivities on Paddy's Day with shows at the Crossing and the Fox and Fiddle: some of you might remember the old days when we used to play there every Friday night...Those nights were all remarkable so St. Paddy's Night is gonna be a blast!

In other news, my debut CD LIVE AND LUSTY is going to be released on March 29 at the Dublin Crossing. More details to follow but make sure you book that night off!

That's all for now!

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