Hannah-Amelia is a enthusiastic track star! She loves running cross-country, track and field and just for fun. Hannah lives by the ocean and swims practically every day. She also loves shopping, singing, gardening and poetry, but she always feels best when she's running. Raised with her mother, and two younger sisters, Hannah is always loyal to her family, and nothing matters more to her then that!

About Hannah:

Full Name: Hannah-Amelia (called Hannah) Kendra Aseya Esmerelda Periot Anchandra

Nickname: Road-Runner, Hanno

Birthday: August 17th

Pets: Tropical fish (Snorkel and Kai)

Favorite Books:  Swallows and Amazons & Half magic

Favorite Food: strawberry and peach smoothies

Favorite Colors: Orange or Red

Favorite Craft: decorating boxes, picture frames ect... 

Favorite Historical AG: Kit

Favorite GOML: Cecile

Favorite Animal: turtles and dolphins

Favorite Sports: Running (track and field, cross-country) Swimming, volleyball

Favorite Place to Be: at the beach

Favorite season: summer

Favorite Indoor Activity: playing chess and Disney monopoly

Favorite Outdoor Activity: gardening

Hobbies: singing, writing and collecting poetry, collecting sand and shells from the different beaches that she has been to, looking at stars

Siblings: evette (9) Renee (5)

Dream Job: photograher, marine biologist, zoo turtle person

Personality: girly, hyper, sometimes cautious, good friend

AGOT type: 18



Wearing her schools spirit wear   Hannah in the Beach Side outfit


   Her pretty face!      Wearing a mix-and-match outfit.     Looking pretty!