A Day at the Mall

The girls arrive at the mall.


"Where should we go first?" wonder the girls.


"I LOVE this necklace!" squeals Reita.


"I think I will get this hat. It is so comfortable," Emmaline decides.


"These shoes will go well with some clothes I have at home," Juliana states.


"Isn't this dress cute?" asks Reita.


"This skirt will complement the top I have on quite nicely," says Juliana.


"The red lettering on this shirt will match my new hat!" Emmaline says excitedly.


"This jersey is exactly what I need for soccer!" Reita cries.


"I adore this dress!" Reita exclaims as she steps out of the dressing room, "I am defiantly getting it!"


"Come on Juliana! show us the skirt," Emmaline and Reita say impatiently.

"I'll just be a minute," Juliana explains.


"Yes, it seems to be a good fit," Juliana confirms.


"This is one of the nicest t-shirts I have seen," Emmaline says." This will be on my bill for sure.


"A restaurant," Reita sighs. "I'm starving!"


The girls wait to be seated.


"Buenos dias!" Tia Josefina says as she enters.


"This way girls," intructs Tia Josefina as she leads the three friends to a table.


"Here is the menu, would you like an appetizer?"

"Yes," answer the girls, "some melon, chips and salsa, please."


Yummy = )


"I guess I will have a burrito, a bowl of rice and a small cup of tea," Juliana established.


"Hmmm, I will  have a enchilada, some rice and a glass of water, please." Reita decides after she looked over the menu.


"Well... I'll have a taco, some beans and a cup of tea," Emmaline verifies.


"It will just be a moment," promises Tia Josefina.


Juliana's meal.


Reita's meal.


Emmaline's meal.


For dessert, the friends order churros.


"WOW! I think I am addicted to these things now!" Reita exclaims.


"Gracios," says Tia Josefina as the girls pay for their meal.


"Welcome to the hair salon! Which one of you would like to go first?"


"Oh I do! I do!" Reita yells anxiously.


"Ouch!" Reita squeaks as the stylist brushes her hair.

"Sorry," The stylist says sheepishly.


"Your finished!" the stylist proclaims.



"What hair style will you have?" She asks Juliana.

"Two braids, please," Juliana replies.


"Wow Juliana! You look great!" breaths Reita.


"And finally what to you want, young miss,"  The stylist asks Emmaline.




The finished do, two stylish pigtails.


The three girls leave the salon with new hair-do's.


"That will be $24.50," the sales clerk announces to Juliana.


She bags Juliana's new purchases.


Juliana GULPS at the price!


Juliana with her purchases.


"The total is $12.75," she tells Emmaline as she bags the things.


Emmaline grins happily with her purchases.


The mall clerk bags Reita's purchases.


Reita collects her bag, "AHH!! I think my bag is going to burst!" = 0 She screeches.


The three friends after an exhausting day at the mall!





The Cast!

My Girls


Tia Josefina and the stylist (Josefina)

Friends Girls



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My Sister's Doll


Mall Clerk (Courtney)