Dancer and dreamer Birdie Cole is a girl with high hopes. She dreams of being a professional ballet dancer and practices daily. Birdie is a girly-girl and loves things pink, purple and with lots of sparkles. She is bold and brave… but sometimes her courage gets her in trouble. A history lover, Birdie loves learning about Colonial times and volunteers at a Colonial center near her home. Birdie goes to a private school, St. Elizabeth’s. And although she would rather be onstage, studies hard.

About Birdie:

Full Name: Birdita Sara-Beth Cole

Nickname: Birds

Birthday: December 3rd

Pets: Kitten named

Favorite Book: Little Woman

Favorite Food: Chocolate cake with whipped cream and strawberries

Favorite Color: lavender

Favorite Craft: Sewing

Favorite Historical AG: Elizabeth

Favorite GOML: Kathleen

Favorite Animals:

Favorite Sports: Ballet and Dance in general

Favorite Place to Be:

Favorite Outfit: Licorice Best Friend

Favorite Indoor Activity: Crokinole and computer

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Tree climbing and Croquet


Siblings: Jason (18) and Jewals (16)

Dream Job: professional Ballet Dancer

Personality: girly-girl, brave & courageous, some times a rule-breaker

AGOT Type: 25

Birdie's Welcome Home Album: