Horse-lover Reita Maycel is happiest when she is with horses! Fashion does not concern her at all; unless it's the newest style of jodhpurs, riding shirts of saddle pads. Her blond head is most often found bent over a good book or a piece of paper, sketching horses. What ever Reita starts, she is determined to finish it!

About Reita:

Full Name: Reita Quendal Nedzieja Maycel

Nickname: Re

Birthday: March 28th

Pets: Cocker Spaniel Puppy, Blueberry

Favorite Books: National Velvet

Favorite Food: Nanaimo Bars and East Indian Food

Favorite Color: Bright Blue 

Favorite Craft: Cross-stitching

Favorite Historical AG: Kaya

Favorite GOML: Neela

Favorite Animals: Dogs and Horses

Favorite Sports: Horse-back riding and Soccer

Favorite Place to Be: Wild-Amber Riding Stables

Favorite Outfit: Equestrian Outfit

Favorite Indoor Activity: Baking 

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking

Hobbies: Playing the Flute, Reading, Collecting Model Horses

Siblings: None

Dream Job: Dog or Horse Trainer

Personality: Outgoing, Musical, Friendly, A Good Listener, Quick tempered

AGOT Type: 20



Modeling the Equestrian Outfit                Playing Soccer            In the Tropical Breezes Outfit


    Sleeping!                   Trying on the dress from licorice Best Friend.         Reita's Room


      Whirling and Twirling on the Trampoline!   Drawing of Reita on the horse she rides.  


Dressing up for a Historical looking picture.                  Reita relaxes in a fall mix-and-match outfit.