Valentine's Slumber Party!

 “When are my guests going to be here?" Wonders Reita.

"Hi, I'm here!" Emmaline declares.


"I can't wait for valentine's day tomorrow! Can you?" Emmaline asks.

 “Nope! I am soooooo excited!" Reita exclaims," Do you know when Jade's going to be here?"




 "I think I hear her coming!" Emmaline says as Jade appears in the doorway.


 "Hi girls, am I late?” Jade questions nervously.


 "Jade, you’re here!" Reita cries.

“Where can I put my sleeping bag?” Jade inquires, as she scans the room.

"Right here beside mine," Emmaline commands. "I am soooo glad to see you. How was your trip?" She says as she helps Jade unroll her sleeping bag.

"It was good,” Jade replies, "but tiring."

"Okay guys! Lights out!" Reita calls as the other girls groan.


 Goodnight Jade!

 Sleep tight Emmaline!


Sweet Dreams Reita!



Good Night Girls


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To Our Valentines Day!