The Valentines Day Party




 "YAY, its Valentines Day!" Cry the Girls


“ Who is that?”  Emmaline asked.



All the girls gather around Jade as the mysterious messenger turned and left.


          “What does it say?” Elsie urges.


Reita reads the letter aloud to the girls. “I wonder what it means?” She mused. 


      “What are we waiting for?” Elsie exclaims, “Let’s go!”



                   “Ahhhh!” scream the girls. As they arrive at the party.

”Look at how pretty the table is!” The girls shout in unison.

“Look!” Reita cries happily, “I got a valentine!”


“It’s my first valenitines day and I get a valentine!” yells Jade.


“I got a valentine!” Screams Elsie, “and I’m new too!”




“I got one too!” Exclaims Heather.



“Mine has a Bay horsie on it,” Emmaline said, grinning happily!



“How do I look with my new hair-do!” Elsie questions.

All the girls love her hair.



     “Yum! These cookies are sooooooo good,” says Reita, her mouth full of sugar cookie!”





“Great, I can’t wait to try one!” Heather exclaims.



“Ummm, these are my favorite!” Emmaline says as she licks her lips.



  “Happy Valentines Day!!!”








                    Reita                       The mysterious messenger



Friends Girls



       Emmaline                              Jade                                          Heather




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