MOKE 2XS*  This is the Moke that brings on a smile!

And goes like stink!

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Moke 2XS - Specifications and Modifications

Nearly all of these are new (less than 5000 km anyway).

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Engine    Photos

  • 1380 cc (standard is 998 or 1275 cc)

  • Hardened valves, seats and guides allowing for lead free fuel use

  • High lift roller rockers

  • Duplex timing chain with damper

  •  Extra-light aluminum flywheel and clutch back plate

  • Fully balanced

  • Aluminum Rocker cover

  • Timing:  trigger wheel + sensor mounted on crankshaft pulley

  • Wasted Spark Ignition (no distributor)

  • Crankcase ventilation system

  • Over 100 hp (standard is around 35)


Electronic Fuel Injection    Photos and explanation

  • Canems Fuel injection Management System: Laptop Computer used to enter and monitor data.  

  • Fully Programmable rpm/load maps allowing for Sport or Economy modes on the fly.

  • Mappings for: Injected fuel quantity; Injection phasing; Spark timing and dwell; Oxygen sensor feedback loop;
    Cranking and warm up adjustments; Acceleration enrichment; and more.

  • Twin Jenvey throttle bodies

  • Weber Induction Manifold

  •  Throttle position sensor

  • Innovate LC-1 Programmable, wide-band Oxygen Sensors.  One for inner, one for outer cylinders

  • RC Engineering 650 cc/min fuel injectors

  • High pressure electric fuel pump

  •  Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

  •  Cool air induction plenum with air filter


Transmission  Photos

  • Final drive ration changed from 4.1 to 3.4

  • Gearbox Windage plate

  • Cross pin (stronger) differential

  • Gear change box re-positioned

  • Quick shift, short gear changer

  • 3rd/4th detent spring


Exhaust   Photos

  • Three branch large bore manifold

  • Oxygen sensors mounted

  • Custom, quiet but efficient exhaust


Brakes   Photos

  • Disc brakes all round - 9.5 diameter discs

  • Brake booster

  • Cross shaft to operate right side master cylinder from left pedal position

  • Regular Handbrake plus...

  • Brake line cut-off for rear wheels can act as handbrake


Steering   Photos

  • Changed from right to left hand drive

  • 13 Steering wheel, lowered


Suspension   Photos

  • 14 Sunraysia wheels

  • Hi-los front and rear

  • Front and Rear Camber/caster/toe in adjustable

  • New rubber suspension cones

  • Gas shocks all round


Electrics   Photos

  • Wiring harness completely re-done

  • 70 amp alternator (standard is 35amp)

  • Separate, direct to battery ground wires throughout

  • Pre-engaged starter motor

  • Additional relay and fuse panel fitted

  • Canems ECU

  • Temperature sensors for Water, Oil, and Air

  • Integrated Speedo/Tach/water/fuel instrument with fully functioning warning lights

  • Digital Gauges  for Oil pressure, Oil temperature, Voltage, Air/Fuel ratio

  • GPS on dash

  • Radio with CD etc.

  • Rear speaker enclosure with headphone jacks on roll bar

  • Headphones/Ear protectors

  • Electric de-mister driver's side

  • Diamond Cut Headlights

  • Air horns

  • Front Seat Heaters

  • Wired for trailer and for being towed


Cooling    Photos

  • Heavy duty radiator

  • Pressurized overflow tank

  • No engine driven fan

  • Electric fan with Automatic Thermostat cut in/out

  • Oil cooler with thermostat


Body   Photos

  • Firewall recessed to accept throttle bodies and air intake horns

  • Left side engine compartment widened to accommodate radiator and electric fan

  • Retractable/Inertia type front seat belts

  • Lockable trunk space

  • Lockable glove compartment

  • Custom dash and instrument Panel

  • Genuine front and rear Moke seats from Australia

  • Laminated windshield

  • Tempered glass front side windows

  • Roll bar

  • Redesigned front bumper

  • Heavy duty rubber floor mats

  • Re-designed canvas roof supports

  • Top and sidescreens in good condition

  • Re-designed mirrors

Trailer   Photos

  • Has matching utility trailer

  • Ends remove for loading long materials

  • Will take 4' x 8' sheets of plywood


* Why 2XS? Because everything is done 2XS.