Welcome to Albert's Herbs and Nursery.

I am situated in the very fertile Big Bend area of Burnaby, also known locally as the flats. This area has one of the most fertile agriculture soils in the country. While a small farm (one acre in size plus), I grow quality plants and produce.

Sales of all our products, plants and produce are sold off the farm, at farmer markets only. I take pride in being the closest farm of all farmers at the Vancouver farmers market (well with in the '100 mile diet'). For you, the customer, it means fresher produce as I pick everything I sell the day of or day before the market, and since I have not far to go to the market, our product are 'greener'. Less truck pollutants emitted in the atmosphere.

If you would like something specific plants grown (farm or business) let me know and we will plan something for next year.

Next MARKET DAY - May 2012.