Next MARKET DAY - May 2012.

What's new on the farm (October 24, 2011)
The main season farmers market is now over. I will have two winter market dates that I will see you at (Dec10 and 17).

I just started taking apart one of my greenhouses in order to renovate it to something slightly more modern and functional. I expect to have the frame for this one up within a few weeks and will make a decision to do the same to two others at that point. The first is slightly less than 1800 square feet and the other two are and the other two are 5640 square feet. I will also in the next few week going to be taking down (or at least starting to take down) a wood frame greenhouse which was here long before I started farming. I likely is about 25 to 30 years old. These changes will make my farm more efficient by reducing the movement of materials and crops by hand. I am making a video of this. Watch for it close to the end of the year.

Keep posted for next years product list and market dates. I will be announcing them between February and March. If you have suggestions for crops you would like to see me grow (plants or produce) please email me. If you are a restaurant or store and would like a specific crop please let me know as well.


This summer Albert's Herbs & Nursery obtained Salmon safe certification. Inspectors visited my farm and determined that I do not add unhealthy runoff into the salmon waterways.

Albert's Herbs & Nursery Sign.
While shopping at my booth at the market this year may have noticed my new sign. I have had many compliments for this sign since finishing it earlier this summer. The "nine mile" refers to the distance that my farm is the the farmers market, "and grown in Burnaby" means that I am the closest farm to the EVFM. Eat local - very local. This sign was made with 2x4 and 1x6 cedar lumber and finished off with varathane. If you can appreciate this type of sign I can do the same for you. Send me your art work and I will give you a quote. Price depends on design, material used and size.