Alexander J. Russell and Bruce S. Miller Present the GameSmith Library!

Click here to download Source Code (490Kb)!

This is set of tools for MSDOS real mode game programming. Borland C++ 3.1 compatible. Includes visual GUI editor, animation engine, TILE map engine, and more. Also avialable via ftp at simtel and in the pub/msdos/programming/utils directory. To unzip copy the zip file to a new directory, and unzip with the -d parameter.

md game
cd game
pkunzip -d<enter>

More info on GameSmith.

A few Gaming links

Alex Russell's Beginners DOS Game Programming Course 

Alex Russell's Game Programming Tutorial using DX 

TextureExplorer II - a POV Ray Texture Tool. 

More stuff from Alexander J Russell.
A small collection of C code for common DOS real mode programming including:
serial i/o , xms, keyboard handler and LEDs, simple mode13 graphics, scan sub-dirs, decode: pcx, lbm, gif, bmp and more.

Click here to download common.ZIP (89Kb)! 

Play CyberPunk? This is a text mode referee helper for DOS and Win9x PC's.
Click here to download cyber.ZIP (94Kb)!

DirectX - High Level Wrapper
Yes, yet another DirectX wrapper. Greatly simplifies using DirectX for beginners

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Last modified on Aug 15, 2002.