Alexander J. Russell Presents Yet Another DirectX Wrapper!

The Source code (MS VC++ ver6, [380Kb])
Art and sound for testwin sample program (180Kb)

To install:
Download the zip file.
Unzip to a new Directory
Load DXSmithLib.dsw in MS VC++
Batch build all
Look at TestWin for the simplest example of use.

Unzip to ../testwin/release/data
All utility programs look for data files in a directory called "data" under the directory the exe is executed from.

Also available, with spiffed up docs, and some build issues fixed at the Code Project


DirectX is a very powerful API, but it can be a bit difficult to get going for a beginner. This Library looks after the grunt work and allows you to jump into the fun parts much more quickly. On the down side, there is NO 3D, and the library uses Directx V7 which is not the latest and greatest version.

The library is very stable, but both included editors (sprite and gui) are still a bit buggy. Save often.

Warranty? None, at all. Use at your own risk. Copyright 2003 Alexander J. Russell. Free to use in any non-commercial situation.

User Manual

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