Alpineflowers Bed and Breakfast - 8245 Rogers Road - Vernon, BC V1B 3M7 - Tel/Fax : 250 542 8553

‘Alpineflowers Bed &Breakfast’ is located off Silver Star Road.

•Situated in 6 wooded acres on a quiet cul-de-sac about halfway between Vernon and Silver Star Mountain Ski Resort.

•In winter when mist and cloud shroud the valley, we are often in bright sunshine. We do have days, however, when the woods look atmospheric and mysterious, and walking there takes on an entirely different character.

•In summer when the valley is hot and sunny, we enjoy cooler and more comfortable temperatures because of our higher altitude.


For rates and reservations, please call (250) 542-8553,
or e-mail us at:
For directions, click here.

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